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Coco Image

Coco has settled in very well!  She is still a little timid but seems to get braver every week.  She loves to play with toy mice, feathers, straws...basically anything that moves.  She likes to carry sponge balls to the top of the stairs, drop them, and then try to race them to the bottom.  She is eating well and she purrs a lot (and very loudly).  I am so happy that NASAP rescued her and that I had the chance to adopt her.  She is such a sweet kitty!

Ty (now Shadow)

Ty (now Shadow) Image

Shadow (previously Ty) was adopted in 2009. He’s been a mentor to fosters, done agility, is an excellent fishing companion and a big brother to all his “foster failure” sisters and brother! He’s a best friend and always faithful companion.


Ava Image

Here are some pictures of Ava. I took her to the North Saskatchewan river a few weeks back. She likes going in the water. At first when I took her to the off-leash park, she wasn’t sure who she belonged to but now when I take her, she’s always looking to see where I am and she follows me all over. We are really enjoying her as a member of our family.



Harmony (now Mishka Ladybug)

Harmony (now Mishka Ladybug) Image

Harmony is absolutely perfect. She has been renamed by our lovely 4 yr old and is now called Mishka Ladybug. It's quite the name for such a little cat, but she suits it. She is the sweetest cat I've ever met with the most unique personality. She loves belly rubs and cuddles. She's finally at a healthy weight and is very well adjusted to our home. She has no problems with the litter box and never scratches at any furniture. She does have horrible breath and the vet has said she has mild gingivitis but we've been treating her water and trying to brush her teeth (that doesn't go over well at all). She came into our lives at a perfect time (even though we weren't looking, we were recovering from the loss of our family dog last October). We can't imagine our lives without her.



Bernard (now Loki)

Bernard (now Loki) Image

Bernard (now Loki) is doing amazing. His best friend is our 125 lb Rottweiler lol. He cries when the dog leaves the house lol.  We have had no issues at all. His vet checkups have gone perfect. He is so big and fluffy now!!!  Here are a few pictures to show who really runs the house lol.  I couldn't have asked for a better kitten. He is so calm and relaxed loves to cuddle  and play with the dog... which as you can imagine is quite amusing lol. 


Dolly Image

Special celebration today!! Dolly's 2nd birthday. New toys, treats and straws! She loves her straws and carries around in her mouth and will place in a box - too funny. She is very helpful when we are working on the computer and loves to hide in my work bag! She keeps us giggling every day and sleeps by our feet at night. We can't imagine life without our sweet Dolly.  Hope all is well with you both!

Linda & Jay


Mya Image

Update on Mya... we've had this lovey pooch for almost 3 weeks now.  She is settling in nicely to her new home.  For a dog who does not like men, she has warmed up to her new Dad quite well- gets lots of hugs and cuddles and LOVES going for walks with him during the day when Mom is at work. She also let our adult son give her belly rubs!  When when Mom comes home after work she is like a "whirling dervish" - so excited!  She has started sitting up on her haunches to give Mom big hugs (learned that from a Beagle we dog-sit for friends).  Thanks NASAP for taking in this beautiful girl when her family was unable to care for her.  She is in a safe, loving forever home.  More updates soon. 

Jaida (now Aurora)

Jaida (now Aurora) Image

We are happy to say that Jaida has adapted fantastically to her new home with us and we couldn't be happier to have adopted her. We renamed her "Aurora" :) 

There haven't been any issues at all! She is a very healthy eater and is growing so quickly. She is amazing with vet trips and loves meeting new people and other animals. We've taken her on mini road trips to visit family and she loves riding in her carrier and the car puts her to sleep. It is incredible how smart she is too. She loves playing fetch with her toys and going outside; she starts purring when we put her harness on and is great on a leash. I wasn't expecting that with a cat! 

She has also developed quite the personality and will run around the house like mad until she tires herself out. Then she is very content snuggling up to her people for naps :) She also loves riding on our shoulders when we're in a new place or around the house, although that might be more difficult as she grows into an adult! 

We are so happy with Aurora, thank you NASAP! I hope that her siblings are doing just as well and that her momma finds a home soon too. I've attached a few pictures for you to see how she is doing :) 


Jaclyn and Greg