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It's going good!



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We couldn't have found a better match for our family - Dolly was nervous at first, which is to be expected but within a couple of days, she settled right in and made herself at home.  We took her to Mills Haven Vet Clinic in Sherwood Park for her follow-up check up and everyone there loved her as well.  She has a great view of our backyard from her cat tree and was fascinated by a squirrel that captured her attention a couple of weeks ago.  We have enjoyed her spunk, sweetness, gentleness, crazyness and pure entertainment sometimes - lots of laughs indeed, she is quite the character at times.  She loves to sleep tucked under the table on the cushy chairpads or inside her tunnel in her cat tree.  We love her playfulness and is such a delight to watch entertain herself with her tail, shadows, her own reflection or rip around the house at full speed.  She loves our company and has the cutest little mews that we have ever heard.  She is eating very well and knows when her soft food will be served and grazes throughout the day on her hard food and water (she likes to drink water from our glasses at the table, lol).  She uses her litter box faithfully and adapted so well when we moved it to the basement once she settled in.  We kept it in the main floor bathroom for the first couple of weeks until she felt comfortable with her surroundings. 

Dolly is an excellent choice for us and we love how she is relaxed and happy to be a part of our family!

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#happytails for Rigby! She is loving the forest and trails by her #fureverhome She went #camping and is really awesome in the tent! She loves to explore and does really well at home! She keeps her mom company while she works and loves pets and cuddles. She is improving every day with her fear of strangers! She even made human and dog friends!!

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Lilly (Lily Pad)

Lilly (Lily Pad) Image

#happytails for Lily Pad! She was adopted in March and is loving her #fureverhome

"Lilly has adjusted beautifully into our life and our home :) We were a little nervous about how our cat would take to this new addition, but he surprised us! And, in no time Bongo and Lilly became best buds. Well... I suppose they act more like siblings, chasing each other around the house, pestering each other and cuddling when they think no one is watching. Right after we got Lil's we enrolled her in dog training and she did great in these classes! She loved meeting the other puppies and puppy parents, and learned so much. Right now, Lilly can sit, lay down (when its not too cold on her tummy), shake both paws, wait and come. She even has her housetraining pretty much down! She loves going on (short) walks and is learning how to walk off leash. She is one SMART Frenchie, that's for sure. As I'm sure you can imagine, Lil's is still a huge cuddler. She cuddles with Dylan and I whenever she can, and we welcome each opportunity :). It is safe to say that everyone that meets Lilly, has their heart stolen by this little bundle of joy. This past weekend we even took Lilly camping! She absolutely loved it. She went fishing with us on our boat (with a life jacket of course) and had the time of her life!

PS. Lilly still sleeps, plays and shakes the heck out of Lammy on a regular basis. Thank you for choosing us as Lilly's forever home"

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Aslan has fit right in with our family. It was a slow process as I do not think he lived with a dog before. Consequently, he stayed in his safe room a little bit longer than Rascal did. Now he enjoys looking out the many windows we have and watching the birds, gophers and cows. He is very affectionate and loves to cuddle. We are so happy that we were able to "adopt" him.


Tank (now Chunk)

Tank (now Chunk) Image

Tank is now "Chunk" and he is fitting in well. Everything is great and he is an awesome addition to our family. 



Cuddles Image

Cuddles is a delight and is up to 18 pounds. He is an incredible little dog and is already house trained with no accidents for over three weeks. Loves going for walks everyday. Took him to the dog park this weekend and he jumped in the stream and went swimming (twice) seems to really like the water, squeaky toys are a big favourite the louder the better and if he can he will get two going at the same time. Sleeps in the bed with Jim, right on his pillow and is the boss already. All in all we adore him.   

Tracy (now Holly)

Tracy (now Holly) Image

Holly is a very sweet, cuddly one year old.  She seems to have settled in quite nicely.   She loves to sleep on us or beside us.  She rolls over constantly to have her belly rubbed.  If you do not do it long enough she meows at you.  She loves to be picked up and cuddled.  She nuzzles her nose on your face and loves her face massaged.

She is getting along well with our other cat Aerin.  They play together every day, chase each other, and sleep together occasionally.  Holly seems to like my daughter's guide dog the best and tolerates her retired 13 year old guide dog. 

Holly does not like it when strangers come into the house.  She tends to hide from them.  She is finally ok with my son visiting.  She lets him pick her up now.