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Tank (now Chunk)

Tank (now Chunk) Image

Tank is now "Chunk" and he is fitting in well. Everything is great and he is an awesome addition to our family. 



Cuddles Image

Cuddles is a delight and is up to 18 pounds. He is an incredible little dog and is already house trained with no accidents for over three weeks. Loves going for walks everyday. Took him to the dog park this weekend and he jumped in the stream and went swimming (twice) seems to really like the water, squeaky toys are a big favourite the louder the better and if he can he will get two going at the same time. Sleeps in the bed with Jim, right on his pillow and is the boss already. All in all we adore him.   

Tracy (now Holly)

Tracy (now Holly) Image

Holly is a very sweet, cuddly one year old.  She seems to have settled in quite nicely.   She loves to sleep on us or beside us.  She rolls over constantly to have her belly rubbed.  If you do not do it long enough she meows at you.  She loves to be picked up and cuddled.  She nuzzles her nose on your face and loves her face massaged.

She is getting along well with our other cat Aerin.  They play together every day, chase each other, and sleep together occasionally.  Holly seems to like my daughter's guide dog the best and tolerates her retired 13 year old guide dog. 

Holly does not like it when strangers come into the house.  She tends to hide from them.  She is finally ok with my son visiting.  She lets him pick her up now.


Tiggy Image

Tiggy is doing great !

She has fit in very well with our resident Maine Coon Jake and they play without incident. She has even lost a pound or two. Funny to see them playing as Jake is three times her size but she has no problem holding her own.

It has been a challenge to get her excess weight off as she is a true “Food Hound” but we will continue to work on it. Her new nickname is “Miss Piggy”.

Overall she is getting lots of love and attention so she is very happy. Her favorite thing (not counting food) is following the sunshine around the house and laying upside down and sleeping in it. 


Vortex (now Jasper)

Vortex (now Jasper) Image

We are having a wonderful time with Jasper (previously Vortex!).  He has settled in really well and is a joy, he even knows how to play fetch!  He’s super friendly and cuddly which is great as the kids carry him everywhere.  We even went on a trip and he stayed at the Calico Hills Kitty Lodge and they loved him and said what a special cat he is. We’re so grateful to have him.




Gemma Image

Gemma is doing great! She has made herself right at home and is a well loved kitty! Some of Gemma's favourite things are looking out the window at the bugs, birds, and now sprinklers, playing with stick toys, and FOOD. She has even become quite the traveler. She's visited grandma and grandpa's house in Saskatchewan twice and does really well in the car. She's also very talkative and likes meeting new people when the come over to visit. It's hard to imagine life without her now! She has become part of the family and we all love her!

Thanks for bringing her into our lives!

Cinnamon (now Farley)

Cinnamon (now Farley) Image

Adopted this guy 11 years ago from NASAP. That's right, eleven years!! Formerly "Cinnamon"


Oreo Image

Oreo has settled in well and is I think enjoying her new home. She is really very active for a twelve year old cat, she sleeps a lot less than my previous "older" cats and has a great time time getting her toys under the furniture and watching me try to get them out and my poor Bamboo plant has all these half leaves on it because when I go to bed she manages to climb up and bit the top half of the leaves off and I find them lying on the floor!!! Thanks for checking in with me and of course (Oreo)