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Linda (now Nina)

Linda (now Nina) Image

Nina is doing very well with us. She has settled in and is much more relaxed. She can be still skittish when people come in, but doesn't hide anymore. She will wander around and sniff feet to see who is there. Now that we've had her for more than 4 months, she is showing us more of her character. She is very affectionate, but she is extremely determined to get her way. Nina's favourite spot is still Keith's lap (and one of the heat vents) and when he is using his laptop or doing something which does not allow her to come up, Nina will be persistent about pushing whatever is in the way out. She also has an almost daily routine of running around the house at just below hyper-speed, Up, over and under furniture without slowing down. She has an unusual ability to run underneath things at full speed - she just lowers her legs and keeps moving. The first time we saw her heading for the buffet in the dining room, we were sure she was going to hit her head, but she just slid underneath.  

Nina and Ariel are getting along quite well. Nina does have a tendency to be the annoying little sister with Ariel - following her around to see what she is doing. Nina does love watching the squirrel who lives in our front yard as well as the different birds. Magpies get her climbing up the window and thumping her tail vigorously.

We are very glad to have adopted Nina and hope she is happy with us too.



Kaiser Image

Hi there

Kaiser is doing great- adjusting well to our home and the three cats! Everyone gets along real well.

He understands words like: Come, sit, down, good boy , and shake a paw. He sleeps on his bed at the foot of our bed every night and goes to work with one of us twice a week - the other three days he is home with someone or will behave in his crate if we have to be gone a few hours.

He is totally house trained!  Still learning manners on the leash and that he is not supposed to jump up- but he is learning for sure!

He loves all people, kids and other dogs- and yes, even the cats!

He is already well over 50 pounds- and did I mention he loves car rides, chew bones and squeaky toys?

We love him!

Kaiser's family - Sherry, Sheldon, Melinda and the kitties 


Virginia Image

Everything is good. Here are some pictures. Virginia is the smaller one and Elsa is my bigger one. She digs in my plants is the only thing I'm working on. I'm using organic garlic etc (no scratch) spray around them but it doesn't work well. 

Marco (now Vader)

Marco (now Vader) Image

Good morning,

I realized It's been far too long since I've given an update on our little Vader (formerly Marco). He is doing so well and has been the perfect addition to our family. We absolutely love him and couldn't imagine not having him here.

Vader also has some very exciting news to share....


He's going to be a big brother! Vader will be getting a little sister and she is due to arrive at the end of April. As you can tell, he already loves her so much!


Goliath Image

Goliath is a very special boy who suffered severe abuse as a puppy breaking both front legs and making them permanently deformed. His new home has perfected his pain management allowing him to be happier then ever and even allow him to RUN when he visits the lake!! He is very much loved and we are thrilled he has such an amazing second chance home!


Wilma Image

Wilma has adjusted well to her life with us and we have adjusted well to her.  Wilma is very social, playful and affectionate - all we could want in a cat.

She does have issues with being picked up and swatting issues.  We have been working hard with Wilma on her issues with swatting and beint picked up and she has improved over the months.  After working on building her tolerance with having her paws touched we are able to trim her claws without an issue.  Wilma is very sweet and friendly and we are happy to have her and continue to help her get used to being handled. We are curious about the life she lived before she came into our life.

Thank you for your hard work with all the animals you help,



Sophie Image

Everything is going quite well.  Sophie is adjusting very well to our home, she is such a treat to have around, very well behaved and of course she gets spoiled.  We go to the off leash areas and have had no issues, she likes to run and chase a stick or a ball and doesn’t get distracted with other dogs around.  Here is a picture of her with her new toy, she sure loves to play tug of war and when she want to play will bring you an end to hold so you can play with her.  Things are going better than I had at first expected with a change of residence but that quickly changed as she had gotten used to being in her new home.


Maple (now Guenhwyvar)

Maple (now Guenhwyvar) Image

Things are going great -  We've changed her name to Guenhwyvar - Gwen for short, and her tag shows it!

Gwen has adjusted to her new home and her dog in about 8 minutes since coming out of her carrier.  And I am not kidding.  Everyone told me it would take weeks, especially with a lab cross already living there.  Not at all.  I think the worst night we all had was the first one because everyone told me to keep them separated.  All Gwen wanted was to be with her dog and her new people.  The second night she was not separated and slept on the bed happily with no crying.  We all got much needed rest!

She gets to go outside when supervision is available, otherwise she has to stay in the house.  She will be making her first visit to the vet for a rabies shot in February.  Both Gwen and Taffy will be spending about a week at the vet's while I am on a short vacation, but the vet assures me they will both be very well taken care of.

She's a very pretty little princess, and she loves her dog and cuddles.  We are trying to adjust to someone with very sharp little claws and teeth...  I think we are all doing good.  Attached is a picture of Gwen getting ready in the morning.  :)

I will also try to get a picture of Gwen and Taffy together, but one of them always moves and looks fuzzy.


Lidija (and Brent and Taffy and Gwen)