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Cinnamon (now Farley)

Cinnamon (now Farley) Image

Adopted this guy 11 years ago from NASAP. That's right, eleven years!! Formerly "Cinnamon"


Oreo Image

Oreo has settled in well and is I think enjoying her new home. She is really very active for a twelve year old cat, she sleeps a lot less than my previous "older" cats and has a great time time getting her toys under the furniture and watching me try to get them out and my poor Bamboo plant has all these half leaves on it because when I go to bed she manages to climb up and bit the top half of the leaves off and I find them lying on the floor!!! Thanks for checking in with me and of course (Oreo)



Trixie Image

Trixie is soooo very happy that summer is here. She loves being outside with our other cat and the dogs.  She has totally adopted our rottie who has now gone blind.  She likes to sleep by him and rub up against him and he adores her.

I have to tell you a funny story about Trixie.  When you first told us she was funny we had no idea what you meant but we do now.  A couple of weekends ago I was trying to sleep in and apparently Trixie wanted some attention.  So first she tried laying on me and rubbing up against my face.  When that didn't work she started walking up and down me.  Still nothing so she went on the head board and pushed the kleenex box onto my head.  I put it back up but rolled over.  She then stuck her head in the kleenex box and started hitting it around on the headboard and my head - she pulled her head out to see if I was noticing then when she noticed I was, she stuck her head back in and continued doing it until I started playing with her.  When Trixie needs time, there is no stopping her. LOL.

Once again, we thank you for looking after her until we were able to find her.


Faye (now Jelly)

Faye (now Jelly) Image

Jelly (Faye) is fitting in just fine! She makes us all laugh every day, and she is so patient with our son. She's my little shadow and is always right there when I am working in my office. We are so happy she is part of our family.



Pongo Image

Pongo is doing wonderful!  Him and Monkey are best of friends and get along like 2 peas in a pod. He is super cuddly and loves to go for walks on his harness.


Linda (now Nina)

Linda (now Nina) Image

Nina is doing very well with us. She has settled in and is much more relaxed. She can be still skittish when people come in, but doesn't hide anymore. She will wander around and sniff feet to see who is there. Now that we've had her for more than 4 months, she is showing us more of her character. She is very affectionate, but she is extremely determined to get her way. Nina's favourite spot is still Keith's lap (and one of the heat vents) and when he is using his laptop or doing something which does not allow her to come up, Nina will be persistent about pushing whatever is in the way out. She also has an almost daily routine of running around the house at just below hyper-speed, Up, over and under furniture without slowing down. She has an unusual ability to run underneath things at full speed - she just lowers her legs and keeps moving. The first time we saw her heading for the buffet in the dining room, we were sure she was going to hit her head, but she just slid underneath.  

Nina and Ariel are getting along quite well. Nina does have a tendency to be the annoying little sister with Ariel - following her around to see what she is doing. Nina does love watching the squirrel who lives in our front yard as well as the different birds. Magpies get her climbing up the window and thumping her tail vigorously.

We are very glad to have adopted Nina and hope she is happy with us too.



Kaiser Image

Hi there

Kaiser is doing great- adjusting well to our home and the three cats! Everyone gets along real well.

He understands words like: Come, sit, down, good boy , and shake a paw. He sleeps on his bed at the foot of our bed every night and goes to work with one of us twice a week - the other three days he is home with someone or will behave in his crate if we have to be gone a few hours.

He is totally house trained!  Still learning manners on the leash and that he is not supposed to jump up- but he is learning for sure!

He loves all people, kids and other dogs- and yes, even the cats!

He is already well over 50 pounds- and did I mention he loves car rides, chew bones and squeaky toys?

We love him!

Kaiser's family - Sherry, Sheldon, Melinda and the kitties 


Virginia Image

Everything is good. Here are some pictures. Virginia is the smaller one and Elsa is my bigger one. She digs in my plants is the only thing I'm working on. I'm using organic garlic etc (no scratch) spray around them but it doesn't work well.