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Harley  Image


Harley is doing great. I think the biggest issue is he's not good around other dogs & we've a lot of them in our neighborhood! Most are friendly!
We've already had him to see the vet at the end of September. Healthy & is taking some doggy supplementation for separation anxiety. He's improving in that area (still will not eat until we get back if shopping, etc). Otherwise yes, we'll have Dr. Fredland (Brintnell Vet) check his mouth again next visit.

Cash Now Andy

Cash Now Andy  Image

Andy is loving life at his new home! He loves to spend his time napping, playing and cuddling! His favorite activities include people watching from the windows, playing in boxes and with anything that includes a laser or string! He has become our “office cat” as he loves to snuggle up and nap on the desk when we work. He keeps our older cat youthful, they like to play together and chase each other around- Andy loves to follow his big brother wherever he goes. We are so happy he is a part of the family!


MingSu Image


It’s been a few years since I last write to you with respect to MingSu. As I previously stated, adopting her was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She continues to bring me immeasurable joy and happiness. As she gets older, her age has brought some challenges but we are managing well. I can’t imagine life without her although I realize that day will eventually come. I am forever grateful to NASAP for rescuing her and allowing me to adopt her. 

I have a suggestion: please include suggestions and information about donating in their will. (great idea to help animals for years to come) 

Thank you so. Much.


Lucy (aka layla)

Lucy (aka layla)  Image

Hi, my family adopted our dog Lucy (formerly known as Layla) from you guys in 2007. She was a puppy born from a purebred golden retriever, all the puppies were black though and there were 10 of them. Her mother was about 18 months old and found outside of Mayerthorp.  We were wondering if there was a way to get in contact with any of Lucy\'s sibling\'s parents? She just turned 13 on July 15 (same as the rest of her siblings) and we were wondering what the health of those siblings is like in comparison to Lucy because she still acts like a 6 year old dog! Just curious to see how her siblings made out. Thanks! 

Emerald now Jade

Emerald now Jade  Image

She is doing awesome 

Bernie now Goat

Bernie now Goat  Image

Bernie has since been named Goat, as homage to his lil facial fur :) he's been settling in quite nicely and has warmed up to his sister, Pickles (also a NASAP adoptee). Their favorite toy right now is a cardboard box from Costco that had little holes along the bottom. One sits in the box and the other sits outside and they paw at one another through the holes. Cutest thing. Goat's a bit mischievous at times and loves the tub, but once any one of us is laying down he's usually climbing right next to us for a snuggle. 


George  Image

George is doing great. He gets along really with with our other cat Oscar But the process was a little slower with our pup Gunner.  We put in a cat door to the basement so he could come and go as he pleases and they cohabitate quite nicely now but we aren’t to the snuggle stage yet :). He loves to curl up in any lap and protests loudly anytime you are in the kitchen in hopes of being given a second or third breakfast haha.  We are so lucky to have him in our home and love him to pieces. 



Uraka now Ronin

Uraka now Ronin  Image

Uraka, now known as Ronin, is doing well. He's been to the vet & pronounced healthy. The

only concern we have is that it appears that he is suffering from separation anxiety. He has

been using a couple of areas that are not the litter box. As stated, he has been to the vet, so

it's not medical. Litter box has not moved, litter is the same, box is cleaned daily & there has

been no changes to his diet. There have been no changes in routine here. The only time we

find that he's defecated where he's not supposed to is when we are not home. We now close

off those areas when we are away, which is never more than a few hours. He does not use

those areas when we are home. I have just purchased to new toys that will only be used

when we are away. 

Other than that, we are really enjoying Ronin.