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Maya now Stella

Maya now Stella  Image

Maya, now Stella, has been doing wonderfully! 

She has adjusted to our family very well! 

We're working on her not barking when dogs walk past our house. She knows to go to the door to go outside to the bathroom but we're working on her letting us know that she's at the door.  Otherwise she's a very happy,well adjusted puppy. We adore her and are so happy that Stella is part of our family! Here's a picture of her with her favorite things, sticks!


Thanks so much for checking in with us!


Hebert Family 

Coco now CODA

Coco now CODA Image

I am actually so glad you contacted us, because I’d love for our foster to get an update on her. Coco is now “Coda” and she is doing great. She adjusted so well to her new home, and really has no issues there! She still loves to sit in laps and is the best foot-warmer I’ve ever met. We are just working on not barking when dogs (and geese!) go by, but she’s getting way better (and lots more practice now that it’s warmer). She’s already learning not to bark at small animals and birds, and will now return even when something interesting is walking in the field behind our house! We took basic obedience at EHS and she was a superstar (except with loose-leash walking near other dogs...). She can sit, stay, lay down, target, place, leave it, jump through a hula hoop, and is just starting to really get loose-leash walking on a consistent basis! The foster will remember that this is a HUGE achievement for her (she sure loved to pull)! I’m a totally proud mom, so I could probably go on forever bragging about her but she is really such a fast learner and positive reinforcement/clicker training has been totally her jam. 


She’s had a rough go health-wise. We have had to work on some husbandry stuff along the way (voluntarily taking eye drops for an eye infection, voluntary nail trims, etc.) About a month after we got her she started having vaginal discharge containing a lot of pus. They did some tests and found something unusual near her cervix and she underwent surgery two weeks ago to remove it. At the same time they removed a leiomyoma, which is really unusual at this age. I’m not sure yet if they problem has been fixed as the discharge is still coming and going post-surgery, poor girl. :( We go back to Guardian this week for a check-up to figure out next steps. I’m also not sure if they’ve implicated this as a complication from her spay. Thank goodness for Trupanion! It’s a struggle but I can’t imagine not having had pet insurance.

We’re so grateful to have found honestly feels like she’s been part of our lives forever, and we can’t imagine life without her. Thank you!

Tank now MARVIN

Tank now MARVIN Image

We absolutely love Marvin (he never seemed like a Tank). He has adjusted to life with us so well. He loves car rides, loud conversations about how many treats he feels he deserves, watching sports on the tv and lounging in front of the fireplace. Now that spring has arrived the discovery of little birds has filled his days. Just like when he was in foster with Anne he comes to the door everyday when one of us comes home. He is growing and seems very happy. He likes his doggy cousins as long as they don’t bark at him and he’s trying to understand why his cat cousins don’t wanna play with him. 

We are delighted with our little buddy. Sorry it was hard to choose just one photo of the little munchkin cause “he’s the most handsome and gifted kitty ever” says his hooman dad. 


Keegan  Image

Keegan was adopted with Fiona! 


They're doing really well! 


Fiona  Image

Fiona and Keegan got adopted together!!

They're doing really well! Thank you 

PawPaw now Tassimo

PawPaw now Tassimo  Image

Tassimo (formerly Paw Paw) is such an amazing addition to my life. He's adjusted well and is a happy and healthy love of my life. His teeth extraction has posed some possible issues, but so far he seems to be managing well. I can only hope to bring him as much joy as he brings me. I promise to continue giving him the best life I can!


Nugget  Image

Nugget is doing very well and has adjusted to his new home seamlessly. He is best friends with his brother and sister and loves to cuddle with Willy (his brother). 


Toulouse Image

Toulouse is very well adjusted to his new home.  We have two other adult Male cats, so he was understandably a bit scared the first day but quickly made friends. He regularly play wrestles and cuddles up with them. 

He's incredibly smart - he plays fetch (untaught he just naturally does it) and he has responded extremely well to clicker training.  He knows sit, shake a paw, high five, spin, and will jump through a hoop. He is harness trained and right now we are working on come and heel while leashed. 

He a very confident and playful kitty. We all absolutely adore him. He even knows a few tricks! 

Very grateful to your organization for what you do! I think fostering is fantastic and really helps animals get the best start in life.