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Speckles (now Holly) and Sprinkles (now Mels)

Speckles (now Holly) and Sprinkles (now Mels) Image

The kittens are doing well. We did change their names. Speckles is now Holly and Sprinkles is now Mels. They seem to be happy and like to be where their humans are. They have two speeds, full out play and nap. Our Christmas tree suffered a few shake downs until there were enough presents to fill up the floor underneath. Now I have some boxes underneath and this seems to work as well. I’ve attached a picture of them sleeping (they like to sleep together or on a lap). Happy New Year!



Mimi Image

Mimi has adjusted wonderfully to her new home; she likes to play with her cat toys and loves being with our five year old daughter.

We have not had any issues with Mimi; she is a loving and energetic kitten.

Please find attached a picture of Mimi; we were able to get her to hold still for a short time for this lovely picture.

Thanks again and all the best with continuing to find good quality homes for your other foster pets.

Kristin and Sylvain


Daphne Image

Daphne is doing very well and we love having her here. She is happiest when sitting at the top of her cat tree watching the world around her. She loves to chatter at the laser pointer, or any strange light reflections she sees on the walls. Thank you so much for your help with her teeth; we greatly appreciate it and we will do our best to keep her mouth healthy. Thank you and Rachael for taking such good care of her before she came to our home. We love her so much! here are some pictures of her around the house - she is pretty laid back!


Baxter (now Zeus)

Baxter (now Zeus) Image


Zeus (Formerly Baxter) is doing quite well. We are working on teaching him proper behavior around new dogs. He doesn't trust well so if a dog growls he has an urge to fight rather than flight. It is a work in progress but he is showing improvement. He is a VERY loving and loyal boy. He thinks he is a Chihuahua and likes to curl up on our laps. All 50 lbs of him but we love it. Lol. He is very protective of us and our kids and we love him to pieces. He plays and sleeps throughout the day with his little brother, Thor. 

Please find some pixures attached of our beautiful boy, Zeus. 



Buddy Image

We are enjoying Buddy very much and indoors he is very sweet and has excellent behavior! He is a very high energy boy and we have found that he needs an opportunity to run after a ball on a daily basis. For an 8 year old he has amazing agility and strength and we continue to be amazed by herding skills and an intensity of behavior. We are working daily on leash training during walks in our neighborhood and improving manners around other dogs; both areas continue to provide challenges.
Thank you for your continued interest and support.
Hugh and Annalee

Gigi (now Cuddles)

Gigi (now Cuddles) Image

Hi, Gigi is now called Cuddles.  She is doing great, she loves her new home, she is spoiled rotten. 

 She loves to cuddle, when I am watching TV and she is sleeping on chesterfield, she comes over to me and jumps on my lap for cuddles.  When I go to bed, she jumps on the bed and sits on my chest for awhile - she knows I am reading, but she wants the attention.

She loves this BIG TEDDY BEAR I have, in fact, she sleeps between his legs, it is quite comical to see her cuddling into him.

I notice she has a lump under her belly, the Vet never said anything about it when I took her in for her check up, it was there at that time, so I plan to take her back to have it checked out.  It doesn't appear to bother her, she eats well and drinks her water.

One thing she does not like and that is the car - when she is in her carry on she just howls, her lungs are good.

Other than that, she is a wonderful cat.

Thank you.

In closing I wish you all a Very Happy New Year.



Tori Image

Tori is doing great!  She follows me everywhere. She has relieved some of the stress off my old dogs as Sherlock our kitten likes to play.

She lays on the hearth while the rest of the crew are on the floor in a dog bed.

She is much too classy to lay on the floor.

Thanks again for our wonderful addition.


Lilo (now Lizzie)

Lilo (now Lizzie) Image

Everything is going really well with Lizzie (I renamed her Lizzie instead of Lilo) - we're both very happy!  She's adjusted really well to her new home, and loves racing around the house chasing her toys.  Lizzie is so much fun to play with, as she still picks up her toy with her teeth and carries it back for me to throw for her again.  It's adorable!  

I'm so glad I adopted Lizzie in September - she's very affectionate, playful and mischievous!  It was a bit tricky to clip her nails earlier on, but she's getting used to it now.  

I've attached a few pictures of Lizzie.

Happy New Year,