Please send your happy tails of NASAP animals to

Bebe (now Mittens) and Beatrice (now Chloe)

Bebe (now Mittens) and Beatrice (now Chloe) Image

Bebe (now Mittens) has been a great addition to our family! Our other cat that we adopted from you (Beatrice, now Chloe) adores her! They are two peas in a pod!

Thank you so much!


Belle (now Norma)

Belle (now Norma) Image

Norma (as we now call Belle) is doing great!

She was spayed in October and has made a full recovery. She was very happy to get "the cone" off!

She is very friendly and loves to play with who or whatever is around! She especially loves her fabric tunnel and table tennis balls.

We really love having her as a part of our family!

Ben, Alyssa and Norma


Luke Image

Luke fit in fine, almost the first day he got here.  He's a happy kitty.


Lilac (now Waffle)

Lilac (now Waffle) Image

Waffle is doing great! She's finally coming around with the girls. Her and London quite often cuddle. She's still very cuddly with me. I wake up to her laying on me every night. I took this photo right now. We're all very happy here:)


Gallo Image


Gallo is doing great! She seems to be settling very well and we can’t imagine life without her now! Attached are some pictures from the time we’ve had her.



Rosa and Ava (now Acacia)

Rosa and Ava (now Acacia) Image

Rosa and Acacia waiting for the most fun part of the day... bed making!!!!!

Matthew (now Rory) and Callie (now Mandy)

Matthew (now Rory) and Callie (now Mandy) Image

It’s been a couple of years now since we adopted these two little beasties and we just wanted to give you an update. Rory is as cuddly and loving as ever – we wanted to send you an awesome video of him stretched out on my husband’s chest kneeding away. It’s one of his favourite things to do! Cutest thing ever. Unfortunately, vid is too large so we have a few pictures instead. We have both cats on a homemade diet and I’m pleased to say that Rory’s incidents of throwing up have diminished greatly to almost never.

Mandy is more of a mischief maker but she makes up for it completely by being oh so charming and loving. She too is quite cuddly and loves getting attention. Her favourite place to be in the warmer months is out in the backyard – she will quite often start purring as I am putting the harness on her.  

Both cats still get along quite  well together – they spend time playing and chasing each other around the house. We also find them cuddled up together for nap time.

Thank you again for all your hard work and dedication in caring for all the animals you rescue. Please let the foster families of of our pets know that they are doing well (btw, Rory still bites noses but not quite as often) and we appreciate their dedication as well.

Geri & Bill


Tori Image

Tori has relaxed and is cruising around the house.  Thank you so much.