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Pebbles and Felix

Pebbles and Felix Image

Pebbles and Felix are doing great! They absolutely adore each other! And they are such friendly and loving cats. Every day I look at my little cats and I can't believe they are actually mine! They are perfect fur babies, minus the fact that they like to jump on the counter top and get into trouble! They are both really little still, Felix is only 5 lbs and pebbles is  3lbs. Here are some photos!! 




Naula Image

Naula is doing great! Thank you for checking up on her. She adjusted to our home right away and is an outgoing little thing. She makes everyone fall in love with her. We’ve had no issues with her. Here are some of my favourite pictures of her. 

Thank you!


Oliver (now Edgar)

Oliver (now Edgar) Image

Oliver was adopted and is now known as Edgar. He's settling in and his new forever home says "He is a lovely boy and I am so happy to have him! He is really starting to shine and gradually getting to know Willow, (my baby that is already here)".

Mystery (now MingSu)

Mystery (now MingSu) Image

Eight years ago, I was reading the St. Albert Gazette when I happened upon a photo of a waif-like cat named "Mystery". As I read the description written about her, something tugged at my heartstrings. The write-up stated that she would take her paw and grab your hand, in an attempt to get you to pat her head. I decided to go to the southside pet store where she was awaiting adoption. Not much was known about her, hence the name "Mystery". When I stuck my hand in the cage, she immediately grabbed my hand with her paw. Her good nature was immediately evident and she had me at the first purr. 

Looking back, the day I decided to adopt her (renamed MingSu) was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. She has brought me so much happiness and enjoyment over the years. She doesn't much resemble that scrawny cat I brought home that day, blossoming into a beautiful cat with a gorgeous coat and loving personality. I can't imagine life without her now.

I urge anyone considering adoption to reach out to an animal in need. They have so much love to give if you just give them a chance.

Corinne and MingSu


Willow Image

Willow is doing amazingly well. She has ensured that she is the “queen bee” of our household and sleeps wherever and whenever she pleases. She is spoiled by the humans and the fellow furbabies as well. She was just spayed on Friday and her recovery is going very well. It definitely has not stopped her from sleeping in her favourite places. She loves to cheer on my hubby’s favourite football team and even waits in line for snacks. I have attached a couple of pictures of her as she has been growing. Thanks again for choosing us to be Willow’s family!



Meow Image

Well…………it hasn’t gone according to my “plan”, but regardless, she is a funny and goofy cat, who can’t get enough TLC and neck scratches and is most definitely a “Princess with attitude”!   haha

She does not pick on Wyatt nearly as much, and I think he’s gotten fairly used to her antics aka jumping out at him when he least expects it…………so while they have not become “buddies” as I’d hoped, she is still enough distraction for him, that he shouldn’t feel too lonely when I’m on vacation. The “pros” outweigh the “cons”, so I’m hoping, given time, she will settle down even more and be a sort of “pal” to Wyatt.

Oh, and she LOVES her brushes and has the most beautiful fur!

She seems very happy here.



Finn Image

Finn is wonderful. He merged easily into our family and is very loved. His personality is so cute; he likes to sleep under the covers, hide in his tunnel and chase a laser light all over the place. Although he was the perfect cat for our family home, he really bonded with my eldest daughter and when she moved into Edmonton, he went with her. His home with her includes a set of carpeted stairs that he uses as a race track many times a day. He has every comfort the most loved cats deserve and he is a great companion for my daughter. Although I miss seeing his beautiful little face everyday, I know he is with his forever person and both of them are happy.

Thank you so much for doing what you do for our animal friends. Your organization will always be held in very high regard with us and we look forward to one day coming to you for another fur face to love. 


Bijou (now Midnight)

Bijou (now Midnight) Image

We have changed Bijou's name to Midnight. When we brought her home she adjusted immediately she was very happy with her new home. She loves snuggling with mom and dad and meeting us at the door when we come home. She loves chatting with us when ever she can. She loves belly rubs every chance she can get. She snuggles up and sleeps with us in the bed she usually isn't to far from where we are she loves watching mom when sewing. We couldn't be any happier with our choice of bringing Midnight home she has brightened our days and we can tell she is happy we have chosen her.