Please send your happy tails of NASAP animals to

Max and Jasper

Max and Jasper Image

Fitting in nicely with the baby!


Jimmy Image

Jimmy has been fitting in wonderfully here! Thank you for everything.


Charlie Image

Charlie is loving his forever home. Thank you for giving him so much love and attention!


Zoe Image

A happy tail for miss Zoe! She is loving her forever home and has found herself the best seat in the house!


Stella Image

Hi!  Stella is doing wonderful. We all love her to pieces even though she has chosen my daughter to be her human:).

Thanks for checking in on her!


Gadget (now Max)

Gadget (now Max) Image


We changed his name to Max. He is the cuddliest and funniest cat ever! We have a 1 1/2 year old cat and they love each other, play a lot together and our older cat cleans Max about 3 times a day! 

Thanks for letting us have him!


Jessa (now Pudge) and Alaska

 Jessa (now Pudge) and Alaska Image

Actually I call her Pudge! She is very happy! She and Alaska get along well and my golden retriever, Maggie, is very accepting of both!  She loves watching the birds and squirrels in our backyard!

Aurora (now Fussel)

Aurora (now Fussel) Image

Hi... Aurora (now Fussel) is doing great. We just had her spayed on Wednesday. She is coming along with our dogs and other cats and she is the most cuddly cat!!! We love her and are happy that she is a big part of our family now. :-)


Family Faust