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Lana (18-013-D)

Lana (18-013-D) Image

I'm sending this for my parents who adopted Lana. They absolutely love her! She was a perfect fit for them and Lana was instantly attached (especially to my Dad). She has quite the personality and has no problem speaking her mind.  She is quite spoiled with belly rubs and is rarely left alone. Other than her barking at other dogs while on a walk she is perfect :)

Cricket (19-002-D)

Cricket (19-002-D) Image


     Cricket and I have enjoyed a wonderful summer!  We enjoyed spending time on the trails in the river valley.  Cricket has met all of her dog cousins and aunties.  Together, between my parents and two sisters' families, we have nine dogs!  My parents live on a farm and it quickly became one of Cricket's favourite places.  She sticks to me like glue and isn't afraid of following me into the field with the horses, cows and miniature donkeys.  She has mastered staying at the gate with a command, among many other tricks.  She goes to her bed at feeding time, watches me put food throughout her snuffle mat and waits patiently until I say, "okay you can go!"  To entertain my two year old nephew, she's also learned how to "pound it," just like he does.  It's hard to believe I've had her for six months now.  She is the most lovable, loyal, sweet companion and I'm so grateful to have her as part of my family. 


Thanks for checking in


Marcus now Ernie (19-008-D)

Marcus now Ernie (19-008-D) Image

Marcus is now named Ernie. He is settling in great with his 3 cats brothers and our other dog Blu. 

He's not having any issues - though he does like to rush the cats and chase whatever is in the bush around our yard. 

He is obsessed with bones and toys he is quite the plucker. 

Savannah now Ruth (18-060-C) and Monty (18-063-C)

Savannah now Ruth (18-060-C) and Monty (18-063-C) Image



Thanks for your email checking in on Monty and Savannah (now named Ruth!). They are both doing well and I am so in love with them. They are becoming increasingly outgoing, curious, and snuggly each day - Monty loves to drink from the bathtub faucet and knead the couch blankets and Ruth loves to stand up on her hind legs for pats and treats. They both meet me at the door each day when I get home from work to say hello. I can't imagine my life without them!


I'm including a few photos for you (Ruth is the tabby, Monty is the black and white).



Cotton (19-010-C)

Cotton (19-010-C) Image

We adore her. She was the 5th birthday present to our other cat, Squeakers.  It took a few weeks but they are besties now!


She has quite the personality. She is our 5th ever cat (previous 3 passed away due to cancer or age) and she is the biggest purrer I’ve ever know, she’s so chatty too!  We are in the process of getting new floors and she is afraid of them. I attached a video of her playing in one of the dogs raised food feeder as well as photos of her and Squeakers.  She also quite loves the dogs and isn’t afraid of them at all. We have 3 - a small, medium and large sized mutts. 


Thanks for her!

Amber (19-013-C) and Coral (19-014-C)

Amber (19-013-C) and Coral (19-014-C) Image

Amber and Coral (now Hazel and Harriet) are doing great. They are happy and healthy best friends.

Harmony (19-002-C) and Hanna (19-007-C)

Harmony (19-002-C) and Hanna (19-007-C) Image

Hello! Thanks for following up on Harmony and Hanna. They quickly settled in to their new home. The very first day, it seemed like they had been here forever. They enjoy playing with their toys. Harmony's favourite is the spring toys. Hanna's favourite is the sparkly pompom balls. They eat and sleep well, and enjoy watching the birds at the feeders. They are the joy of my life and it was a good decision to get the two of them together. Please give our thanks to their foster mom and her family for being such great foster parents and raising these sweet kitties.

Hudson (19-006-C)

Hudson (19-006-C) Image

Hello there!! 


 Hudson is PURRRRFECT!! He gets along really well with his dog brothers and his cat sisters tolerate him.  We are so in love with him!! He's a vocal little guy but in a good way!!  His foster mom,. Anne, was right on the money when she knew he'd fit right in!!!