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Silicy (now Lucy)

Silicy (now Lucy) Image

We are doing great! She's doing really well; she is such a sweet, nice cat who loves to spend her time on my lap.  She's a great cat to have around. Very well behaved and loves to play with her toys (sparkle balls are her favourite) or look outside or nap in her favourite spots. I think she's very happy here. I am very happy to have her in my house. She adds so much to it. :)



Fred Image

Fred and I are good both getting older and both seem to have more aches and pains but otherwise just fine. Have a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

Joan and Fred

Claudius (now Tuna)

Claudius (now Tuna) Image

Hello and Merry Christmas! Things are good with all of us. Tuna has put on a bit of weight again but we are working to help him shed that. All the best in 2016! 

Jen, Dan, Gregory, Molly, Jersey, and Tuna


Weasley Image

Hello, just a quick note to let you know that Weasley is well, as are we all. Happy holidays!


Lorena (now Athena)

Lorena (now Athena) Image

I think that is the best baby girl!!!

She's become more snuggly and more affectionate every single day that goes by

It was such a blessing that I got to have her after she was already adopted.... I think more about that now… And how everything happens for a reason.

She sleeps with us at night and Hansel too. She loves her catnip! We had quite a bit of yield over the summer so I still have some that Stefano grew fresh himself.

 Athena loves her Christmas outfit! So cute!!!!

We went to Pet Smart and got a Family Photo

Best wishes!

Kathleen, Stefano, Athena and Hansel


Kiki Image

Kiki and I are doing well.  Last year we added a new furry family member.  Mattie (short for Matilda the Hun!) joined us on January 31, 2015.  She was only 7 weeks old when I found her and they get along like gangbusters.  Mattie is a short-haired domestic cat with some calico markings.  She is mischievous and thinks she is human. Loves to play chase with Kiki (at two in the morning).  Sounds like horses galloping through the apartment, lol.

It's amazing.  Kiki was supposed to be the quiet cat who would do better in a single pet household.  Not anymore!  She is no longer a timid, skittish girl.  It is wonderful how a bit of love, steady healthy diet and a secure home can affect change.

Best wishes for a Christmas filled with joy and love.

Linda, Kiki and Mattie

Alina (now Lina)

Alina (now Lina) Image

Alina (now Lina) is doing great. We love her to death. She's finally now cuddling with us. Every night at around 8:00 she stands in front of the pantry and ask for her treats. And she's got this thing for shoes. Any shoes she finds she'll play with them, stick her head in them, lol 

Thank you again for letting us adopt her

Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year

Lucie, Doug and Lina 

Chewie (now Chuck)

Chewie (now Chuck) Image

Hi Jayne, 

We are great Chuck is doing awesome!  He is so good with our little one!!! Hope you have a great Christmas!!!