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Smokey (now Greyson)

Smokey (now Greyson) Image

Hello. All the best for the holidays. Greyson has been 'helping' with wrapping. His relationship with black cat, Tailer, continues to improve.  Thanks for checking in.
Best, Dana


Phoebe Image

Phoebe is happy and healthy and a wonderful addition to our household.  She has become best friends with our other cat Fraser.


Shelby & Ashton

Shelby & Ashton Image

Shelby and Ashton, or Ash as we call him are doing great!! 

They fit into our family perfectly, it's almost like we have always had them. Shelby has really become attached to our oldest daughter, who will be 7 in a few weeks. She plays with her and sleeps with her every night. Ash has become more attached to my husband, he follows him everywhere and loves cuddles on the couch in the evening. 

There haven't been any issues at all. They are housebroken, don't chew or bite, they do love to 'talk' a bit when visitors first come in the house , but what dog doesn't!?!

We love them to pieces and couldn't imagine our family without them!

Thanks again, we are so happy with our decision to adopt through NASAP.



Boss Image

I love my Boss!!!  He’s been a good dog overall as a rescue. 

The picture above shows he’s very warm and happy this winter!!  I just finished washing and drying “our” blanket and put it on the couch.  I went away and came back and he had rolled himself up like that!!  He makes us laugh a great deal!!!

Our only problem is he is a barker when in the yard & in the middle of the night!!!!  Otherwise he’s a lovely boy and regardless of his barking issue, which unfortunatley is very much a part of his breed.  He is going no where except doggie heaven whenever that will be, hopefully not for many many years.



Bucky Image

Hi there. Thanks for checking in!

Bucky is a wonderful little guy. He's been nothing but a joy to have around. Just a very easy dog to look after and he's very healthy. We've managed to keep his weight a bit lighter as the vet suggested but his eating habits etc. Are very normal. He seems extremely happy here with me. Thanks so much for the follow up!

All the best! 



Ruby Image

Thanks for checking in. Ruby is doing very well. She settled in so quickly as a member of our family. She has the most personality I have ever seen in a cat. She is hyper, silly and also loving and sweet. Thank you NASAP for all you do, and letting this little sweetie come into our lives. :)


Lucy Image

Lucy is doing wonderful. She is a great cat and we are so happy we adopted her. She loves her cuddle time and plays with the kids. She is eating well and has gained weight. She is no longer the shy kitty that we adopted but a fun member of our family. 

Kris and Dave



Mackena Image

Mackena is a very special girl to us here at NASAP, as she was with us a very long time and we got to see her blossom from a misunderstood rescue to an amazing family pet. Here she is in her furever home, enjoying life and a friend. Congratulations Mackena and thank you to her adoptive family for seeing what we saw in Mackena and giving her a chance at a great life!