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Hope  Image

Hope is doing really well! She and Belle have become great friends and will cuddle together. Hope loves to head outside to explore our yard. She is well loved by all in our family and we couldn’t imagine not having her.

Noel now Pickles

Noel now Pickles  Image

Hello NASAP team! 


I understand you contacted my boyfriend, Gavin, inquiring about how Noel - now Pickles - has been adjusting to her home. Pickles has been doing very well in her new home! One of her favorite toys right now happens to be a catnip pickle, so it's pretty fitting. She enjoys hanging out on her cat tower, cuddling on the couch, and sitting on the windowsill to sunbathe. 


Overall, she's a happy kitty and has become a staple in our home. 


Pongo  Image

Pongo is weighing in at 55 lbs at 7 months old. he has graduated from puppy basics school. he loves his sisters as they learn together to be gentle and play nice together. he has taken over the chaise in the living room and watches out the front window all the time.  

Lucky now Dax

Lucky now Dax  Image

Dax (Formerly known as Lucky ;) ) is doing great! He absolutely loves living on the acreage. He and his brother are doing well together. We are excited to take him camping for the first time in a couple weeks. Dax still loves cuddles, naps, and hiding in his "caves". He's growing up and is 21 kg! He took training classes and was very well-liked there and got along with all the other dogs very well.  We are just working at training Dax not jumping up or play too rough (he likes to nip when he plays). He is completely spoiled and extremely loved.

Squeaky Beaks

Squeaky Beaks  Image

A Happy Tails update on Squeaky Breaks!
“It has been 10 years since we adopted Squeaky Breaks (Squeaks)! He has been a great addition to our family! He is very entertaining and vocal. He loves getting crackers for a special treat. He is now about 22+ years old and still has a lot of energy!”


Sherlock Image

Sherlock is doing amazing! He is a totally different dog compared to when I first met him. He has completely come out of his shell and is so happy. He is a sweet, gentle boy and listens very well! Around a month into having him, his separation anxiety started to show again so we began training for this again. We did 2 weeks of training and I started to leave him access to the back mud room/door and haven't had a problem since. We also spent the first few weeks doing recall training as he easily gets distracted when wondering around off leash, he now comes instantly when called. He shows no timidness anymore when going to new places/parks/etc. He loves being around my other dog and loves chasing him at the park when we go play frisbee. Now that the weather is nicer, he wants to spend all his time in the backyard laying in the sun. I will attach some pictures for you all.  
He is the perfect fit for the family, everybody loves him!

Goose & Maverick

Goose & Maverick  Image

Goose and Maverick are doing great. What a pair! They both have such fun personalities and both will cuddle although Maverick is the champion cuddler. Goose is the more laid back of the two and he’s got a weight advantage over Maverick but she’s much quicker. The go from fighting to cleaning each other and then to playing or napping. The only issue that we’re having, and it’s not with them it’s our issue, is trimming their nails. Both John and I have to get some courage and just do it but neither of us is comfortable doing it. Other than that, they have adjusted just fine.


Hazel Image

Hazel is doing great. We’ve had her for about a year now and she’s definitely part of the family!!


Thanks for checking in.