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Rory (now Root)

Rory (now Root) Image

I just want to say thank you as Root is a wonderful, playful, cuddly, loving kitten who has taken well to our family and our older cat, Fury. They play well together and Root has established herself as the dominant cat in our household, Fury is a big baby really.

Kind regards,


Lily Image

Lily has fit in just fine and it nice to have another furry friend in the house, she has quite the character and who can resist her adorable little pink nose =)

We have taken her for all her shots and she was recently spayed @ Tudor Glenn ...although Lily does NOT miss the cone I am missing all the cuddles haha.

I would highly recommend the Tudor Glenn Vet location to anyone with animals as they are amazing! They also have longer hours which helps, even though it is a bit of a drive for me I will continue to take Lily there in the future instead of changing back to the vet I had used for my previous cat.

She is growing far too fast and loves to climb and be inside of anything she can wiggle herself into!

Here's a couple of pics


Keiki Image

Keiki is doing great. She is the cutest grumpy cat, lol. She has lost a little bit of weight, has a whole house to walk around in and is happy sleeping where it is warm.

Atlas and Artemis

Atlas and Artemis Image

Things are great. The kittens are healthy and seem happy. Here is a picture.

Ares (now Snapple)

Ares (now Snapple) Image

Snapple (we renamed her!) is doing great! Just had her spay surgery today, everything went okay.

She's still socializing with the existing cats - I didn't want to rush it so as to avoid any long-term discomfort, but they'll co-exist in the same room and only when she charges at the older cats do they give any reaction - usually a swat on the nose (claws in) and she'll back off.

She loves exploring the house - we've kitty-proofed most of it based on our previous heart-stopping experience (somehow, she managed to get the cover off one of the heat registers back in August and made it all the way to the basement - luckily, no injuries, but we've been extra careful since then).

She'll be joining her adopted sisters in the next couple of weeks on a full-time basis, once she heals from her surgery, and she remains one of the sweetest, most well-tempered cats I've ever known.


Royalle (Now Gus)

Royalle (Now Gus) Image

Royalle (who we now call Gus-Gus) is adjusting well to our home.  Whenever we come home from being away, he's always there, meowing like crazy!  He likes hanging around with people, and loves cuddling.  He's also very talkative, which we love.  He was a bit shy around visitors at first, but he's adjusted now.  He's a very sweet and loving cat who's been a good fit for our family.

We haven't had any issues with Gus. He was inclined to scratch the furniture when we first moved in, but my parents (who had a scratching cat of their own) had built 'couch guards', so we just borrowed those, and placed scratching toys nearby for him to use until he got used to the idea of what was appropriate to scratch.  Beyond that, he's been wonderful!

Thanks for asking after him! 


Flossie (now Purrsephone)

Flossie (now Purrsephone) Image

Flossie (now Purrsephone) is great! She has been such a perfect kitty and we have zero complaints. I have been on crutches since we picked her up and she has been a wonderfully cuddly kitten to help with all of this down time. 

Purrsephone loves playing with her housemate Hades and they couldn't be a better match, they play, they cuddle and they cause the smallest amount of mischief together.

Purrsephone and Hades have both been featured on Meowbox also - though it probably helps that I know the owner. 

I'll pick out a few recent photos because I know I definitely cannot stop taking them: ) 


Fallon and Adam 

Fodol (now Fizgig)

Fodol (now Fizgig) Image

Fizgig (we changed Fodol's name), continues to blossom in our home. He and our other cat, Edith, play well together and he has become very affectionate and talkative with us. He's a real sweetheart!

We moved a couple of weeks ago and Fizgig adjusted really quickly to that as well. He loves to explore the house and spends a lot of time birdwatching.

I can't think of any issues. He's even remarkably tolerant of kids. Susan and I love him and we're so pleased that he seems to have happily made himself at home with us.

Thanks for checking in! Hope you enjoy the pics!

Best wishes,

Simon & Susan