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Lola (now Bellatrix)

Lola (now Bellatrix) Image

She is doing extremely well. She is so very sweet but very mischievous too. We love her to bits. We named her Bellatrix. She's had all her vaccines and boosters done. And we're going to schedule her spaying pretty soon here.



Maude Image

Thought you would enjoy me sharing this with you. My dear little toothless Maude is now an internationally published model! She is the sweetest little cat and recently she made her way onto one of my photo shoot sets and she was the star of the shoot. She is fitting in beautifully with the other 2 cats. They have a sweet spot for her and she is the cat the others always want to curl up and nap with. I am so glad I adopted her! She is the sweetest lovable cat ever!


Leo Image

Thank you for everything. I'm loving the cat tree and am very grateful to you for the wonderful foster family I had and my new family treats me great too!

Love Leo, Mandy & Brian

Chuckie and Atticus

Chuckie and Atticus Image

We’ve had Chuckie now for just under 2 years. He just turned 8 last month and is doing great. Atticus we’ve had for about 2 1/2 years and he just turned 9. They bonded almost immediately and are still the best of friends. Atticus loves the heat and warm weather so we even take him to Palm Springs with us. He gets to actually go to restaurants there, almost all the stores are dog friendly and they have many dog parks and trails. It’s more of a vacation for him than for us! We also have another rescue dog that is blind, both Attie and Chuckie welcomed her and have been amazing role models for her. We have fosters that come as well, they all almost seem to bond with Attie immediately. He has been through kind of a traumatic past himself and he is now the example of a perfect support dog for other dogs that have emotional trauma in their past. He sometimes does more than I think a human can. Chuckie is a strong leader but has a very mellow personality. These 2 have not only made me so unbelievably happy, but they have also helped now with other rescue dogs. Thank you NASAP for taking these guys in and bringing us together!


Leah Image

Leah is doing great and adjusting really well. I just wanted to ask what your experience was with her and Laser - Leah is a Chatty Cathy! She is quite talkative with us. Was she like that with you? Just curious. We love her.


Royalle Image

Royalle is doing really well!  I think he spent the first three hours here just running up and down the stairs, searching out every room. He seems quite at home now. He loves to play with the girls (they call him Zippy, because he moves so fast and jumps really high!), and he's a real good cuddler.  And what a talker!  He mutters and squeaks all the time.  He's such a good fit for our family!



Ginger Image


Ginger is an awesome little girl.  She has settled in quite readily and seems to be very happy here.  We are together quite a lot going for walks just about every day.  She has met several people and their dogs and is now comfortable with them.  We have our routine which she has adapted to and she really is a smart little girl.  Like I said, she is totally an awesome little girl but still doesn't care too much for the cat.  LOL.  I am so happy to have had the opportunity to adopt her for she is a great companion and hope she feels the same about me! 

Thank you.


Shadow Image


It's nice to know that you check up on the pets that you adopt out.  Shadow is a very happy dog!  He is enjoying living on the acreage with us and our other dog, Bella.  They get along great and spend a lot of time playing, running and a little hunting (mostly squirrels).  The two of them are literally inseparable.  They take full advantage of the acreage!  Shadow loves attention and is sure getting lots of it here, as well as training and consistency.

We think Shadow is only about 1 yr. old, so there's still a lot of puppy in him.  He has done some bratty puppy things like chewing but with Ken home full time, he is usually caught right away and is learning relatively easy.  We think there has been little abuse and/or neglect in his past; he hates the crate and cowers when corrected or if someone picks up a stick, especially a man. ???  We have found that correcting him with a "ch" sound works better and he has come to trust us.  He is now very comfortable and confident. 

Both our dogs spend the evening and night in the house with us and Shadow has definitely picked his favorite places, usually where he can get pets and see where everyone is.   He has a beautiful temperament and everyone who meets him falls in love with him and wants to take him home...not likely!  We love him as much as he loves us and he isn't going anywhere else! 

Thanks for what you do and you are welcome to get a hold of us any time.

Ken and Karen