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Madison Image

She is great!! We love her to pieces. Her first initial check up the vet said she needed knee replacement but we walk her everyday and it seems to have improved. She does not whine or limp anymore. Still has little quirks and we are working on them but the whole family loves her.



Harley Image


Everything is going really great with Harley!! He is a very big boy now, and weighs 50 lbs!! He is so smart, and loves living at the lake. We go for lots of walks on the ice, and he gets to go off the leash on the ice. He loves to run. He has definitely changed our lives for the better, and we love him so much!! He is a big baby, and is an awesome addition to the family!! My daughter Emma is eight years old so her and Harley are very close. It's like they are brother and sister. We just adore our boy.

We are taking him to be neutered this month. We already had him to the vet in Onoway for his first vet check.

Thank you so much for the email, and I am so happy we found our boy with your rescue agency.


Marcia Mack


Goliath Image

Hi Gayle,

Goliath is doing great, he has settled in very well, he has a brother named Wilbur and they do everything together. It took a few months but they are best buds now. 

He absolutely loves our 2 daughters and he is working on liking the cats. He would like them if he could get close enough. They are a bit skittish still- he runs up to see them and they think they are being chased!

Now that he is on one brand of food his hair is really soft too.

His leg pain seems to be very minimal- he takes glucosamine/chondritin every day and has only needed pain meds 4 times.

He seems very happy. He is a mommy's boy for sure.

Follows me everywhere. I did go away for 2 weeks and he went to boarding and did very well there, even with a lot of dogs.



Koda Image

Hi there,
Koda is doing great!
He is an excellent pet, with a wonderful personality.He is easy to train but loves to play and has boundless energy! Hes quite the cuddler too,and  does well with our kids :)



Edith Image

Edith is a great pet.

Chewie (now Chuck)

Chewie (now Chuck) Image

Chewie (now Chuck) is a goofball of a cat! He is getting along well with his sister, Sasquatch and our new daughter. We know we signed a contract stating he won't go outside, but apparently he didn't get the memo! Every time we open the back door he bolts for it! It's apparently his favorite game, "make the human chase me around the yard". Good times.

Thanks for the follow up.



Coby Image

He is doing great, full of life and energy. 


Chrissie Image

Chrissie is doing great! She's very playful and happy.