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Joey and Lucy

 Joey and Lucy Image


Both kittens are doing well.  I believe we have successfully integrated them with our older cats (also NASAP adoptees - Momo is orange, Tara is tortoise). Here are few of photos of our group. 


Dean and Kym


Squeak Image

I adopted Squeak back in 2011.

I just came across an old letter from you asking how she was doing.

Here she is outside on a leash…..LUVS it.

I adopted another cute boy this past summer.  They get along great.  The second picture is how all three of us spend our relaxing times at the house.  Both on my lap cuddling.  AWESOME.

And the last picture is of my little darling.

She now only has 3 teeth but is doing well.

Keep up the good work.



Penny Image

It’s been almost a year since I brought Penny home and she has settled in very well and is happy and healthy.  She loves playing with her big brother Kramer and like him, is a toy lover. We go for walks every day and I am considering doggie daycare so she can have even more playtime.  She is adorable and a joy to have in my family.  Thank you NASAP for picking her up off the highway and rescuing her for Kramer and I.


Charlie Image

Hello, It's been 1 year ago on Jan 7 that we adopted Charlie so we thought we'd give you an update. Charlie, aka "Sweetums" has had a very adventurous year. He has travelled all the way to Yellowknife, Prince Rupert, the Alaska border and into the Rocky Mountains. He is a precious happy little guy and along with his buddy Freddie we have a lot of fun together. When at home on the acreage he loves to play outside and go for walks, in the house he has a favorite chair in front of the window he likes to sleep on. He's hoping to have more adventures this year so we'll keep in touch. I've attached a few pictures of him. 

Wishing you all well in the new year,

Linda, Dwayne and our boys, Freddie & Charlie


Axel Image

Hello! A year ago, Axel became apart of my life! When I first inquired about him, had a trip plan to spend Christmas in Sask. Therefore I had to wait 5 days before Axel could come and meet my other boys. Those were the longest five days of my life, I thought about him day and night. The second we got home and unpacked, I was on the phone with the foster parent setting up a meet and greet!

For those of you who don't know, Axel came into to NASAP with a broken leg and a pellet lounged above his tail, at the age of two. He had really bad separation anxiety, and could not be left in a kennel without him losing his mind. It wasn't easy getting over the anxiety, but we did!

He is getting better everyday. Axel has become a mamma's boy and I wouldn't have it any other way. He had a rough life before he meet me, but now he has the life of Riley! He has changed so much. He went from barking and running away for the quad, to jumping on it whenever you walk by. He has four 'brothers' and a 'cousin' that have help show him the ropes. Axel and his 'cousin' have gotten the nicknames 'Lloyd and Harry', him being Harry. He also known as 'Excel'- his french name, by family and friends.

Axel goes to Daycare and has done two levels of Obedience Training. We both have a lot to learn from each other, and I look forward to what he has to show me. As for now, all I can say is he is spoiled rotten and is loved so much, just as any dog should be!  


Cuthbert (now Jett)

Cuthbert (now Jett) Image

Cuthert (now known as Jett) is absolutely wonderful. He settled in beautifully when he first came home and has become a very special member of our family. He is a very active kitten who talks a great deal ! He likes to tell us stories we think because he has quite an animated meow. He makes us laugh every day and is an awesome snuggler. He is healthy and very strong. I will forward you his neutering paperwork after Christmas. Here is our Jett. He never misses the opportunity to explore something new!

Thank you ! Merry Christmas!

Anne Jeff Hayden and Jett


Daisy Image

Daisy is doing well over here. Upon getting to know here, we have discovered that she is not a particularly cuddly cat, though she will agree to be picked up and held for short periods. She continues to be somewhat timid, so we try not to move too fast around her. She has not become friends with our little dog--they continue to be wary of one another. However, each of them realizes that the other is basically harmless, and they behave a little bit like siblings--intentionally getting in each other's faces and taking a swing at each other once in a while. Early on, Daisy hissed at the dog, but that phase appears to be largely over now. The same weekend that we got Daisy, we also acquired an eight-week-old kitten, and Daisy welcomed her (Dutch is her name) immediately. They keep each other company, chase each other and wrestle, and keep each other warm. My daughter Andrea says almost daily, "I love my cats. --Thanks so much for letting us get them."

Daisy is rather moody at times. When we touch her and she's not into it, she lets us know by swatting at us or biting us. This happens with some consistency when she's hungry. Each of our pets have very different personalities, but I find the contrast an interesting part of daily life. We've had Daisy for almost three months now, and she has grown into a fairly large cat. We weighed her shortly after she got here, and she has gained more than three pounds since (making her somewhat larger than our little dog). After very quick weight gain, we cut the food back (we're a bit new at this cat thing), but she has continued to gain weight without appearing fatter, so I suspect she is still maturing into her adult size (a little over 10 pounds now).

Overall, I think everyone is adapting well, and we're enjoying life with Daisy, Dutch, and Sasha (dog). I have attached a picture of Daisy and Dutch in a common resting spot and one of Daisy with Andrea (taken two minutes ago).

Thanks for asking!


Dolly (now Butters)

Dolly (now Butters) Image

It's been about three months since I've adopted Dolly (now Butterscotch aka "Butters") and she's fit in quite nicely into our family.  Her sisters Phoebe and Maya (also NASAP alumni) are still adjusting to this new high-energy, rambunctious kitty but once in a while you'll see all of them together overtaking the cat perch.  Overall, everyone is healthy and happy together.

Thanks NASAP for this wonderful addition to my family.