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Wyatt Image


Thanks for checking in. Wyatt is a tremendously funny and an affectionate cat. He makes me laugh a lot. He gets along great with my other cat. My Mom said the other day that he sure is comfortable here and that is apparent by his happy attitude. Of course, finding his toy in the middle of the night and bringing into my bedroom to play with is not what I’d call good timing, but he seems to think it’s a good idea.  Ha Ha Ha  It’s really nice to have such a playful cat once again since my old guy (20) mostly sleeps. Wyatt might be a little bored, not having someone to really play with, but seems quite content to let me drag a string around to chase LOL. He eats well, uses the litter box perfectly, and does the happy dance often, on whatever piece of cloth he can find (well, I call it his happy dance, but it’s the kneading action of many a cat) LOL. He had a bit of an upper respiratory issue again, but that seems to have cleared up with meds. His mouth is healed and his appetite is great (gotta watch he doesn’t get fat though…he loves his food)!

All in all he has moved right in – both into my home and my heart and I’m so glad I made the decision to adopt him. He truly is a sweetheart.

Thanks so much! Here’s some pictures soon after I got him.


Elsa and Olaf

Elsa and Olaf Image


They're doing just wonderful. Full of cuddles and love. They've gotten too comfortable even, and Elsa has taken to climbing on the fridge and pretty much everywhere else hahaha. They've adapted wonderfully though :)


Jace (now Chuck Bass)

Jace (now Chuck Bass) Image

Hi thanks for checking in on us.  Jace is doing really well and we love him and I think he is starting to love us. His name got changed to Chuck Bass, the handsome dark haired young man on the show Gossip Girl (my daughter considers him her cat, hence the name choice).  Seems like every day more of his personality comes out.  Chuck and my other cat Rosie after about a week started to tolerate each other and now have become good buddies, playing, running around and just hang out.  I have attached a few photos of Chuck and our other cat Rosie

Thanks for letting us adopt him

Maureen, Emily, Elizabeth and cat Rosie

Paris (now Pixie)

Paris (now Pixie) Image

Paris is now Pixy and has probably gained 3 lbs. and is doing just fine. She is smaller than the resident cat but does not lack in feistiness and they get on just fine.  We are delighted to have her.

Andy & Elsie


Persian Image

Just thought I'd send you a few pics of our adventures. This is Persian cuddling with Jersey. He has been healthy and happy and we have been very pleased to have him. He is a great cat and very social.


Cleopatra Image

We are doing fine. I am quite pleased with Cleo and like her independent personality. Initially, it took a good three days for her to get used to me and the surroundings but we are in good shape now. Actually as I write this she is curled on my knee and purring, so I think she is happy about it too.  



Sookie Image

Thought we'd send you a quick update on Sookie. She is doing very well. We took her camping up to the mountains with us and she seemed to really enjoy herself. She spent her days hiking and playing in the rivers and creeks. She spotted a fish in the river one day and had her whole head in the water trying to catch it!! Sookie loves to ride in the truck ( in the front passenger seat only hahaha!!) so the drive up to the mountains and back went incredibly smooth.

Lisa and family


Heathcliff Image

Heathcliff and Timbit are playing pretty good. Heathcliff is giving my cat a run for his money. Feisty little guy. He is doing great. Typical kitten, destroying my house and getting into everything. My other cat and him have become great friends, and can be found curled up with each other at nap times.