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Sookie Image

Thought we'd send you a quick update on Sookie. She is doing very well. We took her camping up to the mountains with us and she seemed to really enjoy herself. She spent her days hiking and playing in the rivers and creeks. She spotted a fish in the river one day and had her whole head in the water trying to catch it!! Sookie loves to ride in the truck ( in the front passenger seat only hahaha!!) so the drive up to the mountains and back went incredibly smooth.

Lisa and family


Heathcliff Image

Heathcliff and Timbit are playing pretty good. Heathcliff is giving my cat a run for his money. Feisty little guy. He is doing great. Typical kitten, destroying my house and getting into everything. My other cat and him have become great friends, and can be found curled up with each other at nap times.

Rooney (now Maggie)

Rooney (now Maggie) Image

Fabulous!!  She is SO sweet. We are head over heels in love with her. :) We got Maggie a harness, to which she adapted very quickly, and now loves hanging out in the backyard with us on her lead. She's got a favorite spot bug hunting and bird watching under a big spruce tree. :) And she is settling into being a lovely snuggler. My in-laws are cat people but a without a cat right now ... They are loving getting Maggie-time and have pronounced her 'the sweetest cat we've ever known'. 

So - all is just peachy!!!  We are very happy to have her in out family ... And the kids have learned so much already. They love her too ... And love to help feed her and care for her. 



Dundee  Image

Dundee and Essex are getting along much better. Dundee has really settled in. He has his licence and has had all his shots at the vet. Checked out well for the physical. The same is true for Essex. And we have pet insurance for both of them.

Sicily (now Lucy)

Sicily (now Lucy) Image

Lucy is doing really well. She hardly hides at all anymore (although she still has her safe spot in the spare room if she needs it. I will probably always have that available for her to use) and she has completely taken over the house. She is content to spend her days sleeping, looking out the windows and playing occasionally. She is still really well behaved and she doesn’t get into anything at all. For all I know she is spending her days on the kitchen counters or the table but she doesn’t do it when I’m home ;) She’s still really good at night and she sleeps with me every night. She likes to snuggle with me at night and lets me rub her tummy. Her acne has cleared up and she eats well (still likes her treats). 

Smokey (now Greyson)

Smokey (now Greyson) Image

Just a quick hello and pics of Smokey (now called Greyson) after over a year in his new forever home.  He is healthy, happy, loves ping pong balls and gets along with his cat roommate.  He has also learned to enjoy brushing and to stop biting human hands. Thanks again for uniting us!.

Leia (now Zuri)

Leia (now Zuri) Image


Leila is now named Zuri (swahili for magnificent and beautiful), as she looks like a sleek black panther. She is growing fast and had adjusted in less than one day! She is really smart and super affectionate. All her shots are up to date, and she made friends with her vet. She is eating only organic food, as we want only what is best for her. Adopting her was the best thing ever! Please see the photos attached. Thank you for all the wonderful work that you are doing!



Pandora Image

Pandora is doing well - she is a very busy cat and is always checking out what we or the boys are doing.  She likes to sleep on our bed and sometimes she sleeps in the boys' room too.  She loves to play floor hockey with whatever she can find that the boys have left out (sometimes in the middle of the night :)  ).  She is healthy and steadily gaining weight, so I have started adding a reduced calorie cat food to her mix.  She is 10 1/2 pounds now.  She is keenly interested in the activities outside the window as you can see in one of the pictures!

Have a great summer!