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Farley (now Harley)

Farley (now Harley) Image


Well, I figured it was time for Farley's update, which is long over due!

Dan & I adopted Farley in July of 2011, and changed his name to Harley. The joke is our puppies are the biker gang (Bobby & Harley).

Harley had a fairly sad beginning to life, as most puppies do that ended up being rescued. He made it to the Ponoka Pound. Sadly, no one wanted him and they could no longer keep him. He was on his way to doggy heaven at only 10 months, when the pound realized what a great little guy he was - so they called NASAP to the rescue!

I found him on the NASAP website, and convinced Dan we should take our dog Bobby out and meet him (also a rescue from 2008). Well, Dan & I returned home with two dogs that night.... Needless to say.

Harley has taken some work, as he was scared of people - mainly men when we rescued him. We aren't fully sure what happened to him prior, but know it couldn't have been good from how terrified he was of men and teenage boys.

He hated being in the dark, and more so if you came out of a dark room - he would start barking and cower.

Guess what thou! With lots of love and patients he's confident and a wonderfully well adjusted guy. He loves people, kids, cats, horses, rabbits and most of all chasing birds !

Strangely... Harley also loves watching TV. His favorites would be, the Telus commercials, Hockey, Soccer and cartoons.

He often tries to bite the puck or hockey players - which keeps him entertained for hours. Needless to say - he's pretty happy about the playoffs !

Bobby taught Harley that not all humans are bad, and Harley is now a full time lap dog. Even at his size, he is convinced he belongs on anyone's lap for a snuggle. Harley still questions teenage boys on skateboards a bit, but knows he's safe and is far more relaxed around them.

I attached a few photos of them together. Harley has the long black fur and a white chest. (It's fairly evident, they are two peas in a pod)...

There isn't a day that goes by, I'm not thankful you rescued him. He's such a big part of our family and I couldn't imagine not having him around.

Besides, who would keep my feet warm at night if I didn't have my little Harley-Farley??

Kind regards,


Sicily (now Lucy)

Sicily (now Lucy) Image

Hi there - I adopted Sicily (who I renamed Lucy) and I just wanted to touch base and let you know how things are going. Things are going very well. We had a bit of a misstep at the beginning (totally my fault) but with guidance from her foster mom for me Lucy is coming along really well. She is very shy and timid but she is getting better day by day. She is very friendly with me and talkative. She likes to snuggle on my lap and she has a great purr. She is very well behaved. She is slowly gaining confidence in the remainder of the house - right now she is still happy having her own room (with food/water and litterbox) - she likes to sleep in the closet of the spare room but she does venture out to explore and hang out as she feels comfortable. She is a really sweet cat.




Maude Image

Maude is such a sweet cat and we love having her in her family. Thanks so much for taking care of her before adoption!


Sookie Image

Sookie went on her first camping trip with us May long weekend and we are pretty sure she had a great time. She spent most of her day hiking the trails and chasing squirrels; and with her colors, she camouflaged really well in the bushes. After a long day outside, Sookie would be ready for bed and would climb into the camper at the same time the kids went in....too tired to sit out by the fire with us! She has already gained quite a few pounds and seems to be very happy here....and so are we.

Lisa and family


Pandora Image

Just thought I'd send you an update and a few pictures of Pandora. She seems to be settling in a little bit each day and getting used to our family's daily routine. The boys enjoy playing with her, petting her, and picking her up and Pandora seems to be getting used to their exuberence. She has been very gentle with them. She lets both of them pick her up - something which Joshua insisted that I get a picture of. Michael was thrilled when she sat on his lap the other evening. I am teaching Joshua how to play with her - Michael seems to already know how. Rob took a great little video of her chasing the light reflected from his watch on the wall.

Her favorite spot during the day seems to be on top of our loveseat. She likes to sit on the loveseat, looking out the picture window, whapping her tail and chirping at the birds and the occasional squirrel and rabbit outside.

I took her to the vet clinic for her check-up on Wednesday - all was well and she is up to 4.2 kg (9.2 lbs) - although she was not too impressed with me for taking her there and went to her safe spot for a couple of hours afterwards. I have learned to look up instead of down to find where she is hiding. Her safe spot seems to be on the top shelf of our storage shelf in the basement on our old backpacks (right near the ceiling). She seems to go there to rest during the afternoon. We are constantly amazed and amused at where she has decided might be a good place to jump!

She seems to have settled in at night - she sleeps on the bed for part of the night and gets up with Rob at 5:45 in the morning. We sometimes hear her playing in the middle of the night. She flopped down right on my feet last night to sleep. The other morning she snuggled under the covers next to me when the alarm went off. She also joins us when Rob and I sit down on the couch in the evening - picking a lap to sit on or sometimes right between us. And, she usually comes up for some extra
snuggles and belly rubs after I come back after being out.

I want to thank you so much for being such a good foster mom to Pandora and taking such excellent care of her. She is such a beautiful, warm, affectionate, trusting cat and she makes such a wonderful addition to our family. She will be well-loved and taken care of.

The Eckert Family


Charlie Image

As promised here are some pictures of the boys. Charlie is doing fantastic, he is a truly awesome little guy. Freddie adores him and they spend their days "being boys". We did lose our little Shorkie girl "Baby" to cancer in February and Charlie has been a godsend. He loves to go on his 2km walks with Dad every day and explore the world. He is fascinated by birds and loves cats, it's almost like he is still a puppy discovering the world.

Yours truly,

Linda & Dwayne

Timothy (formerly Timber)

Timothy (formerly Timber) Image

Timothy is doing awesome.  He fits right in and is a derpy little fella.  He finally found his jumper and can get up on things easier. He had his first experience outside on the leash yesterday...he was frightened at first but once he figured it out he loved it and slept all night!

I will say he's a bit annoying as his clock must be on standard time cause he likes to wake us up an hour before we have to get up with kisses and nudges.  He doesn't like to sit still!!!

We love him to bits!!!

Carly, Dave and the boys


Sookie Image

Our new addition Sookie joined our family over Easter and is settling in nicely.  Everyone, including Sookie, is thrilled!