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Timothy (formerly Timber)

Timothy (formerly Timber) Image

Timothy is doing awesome.  He fits right in and is a derpy little fella.  He finally found his jumper and can get up on things easier. He had his first experience outside on the leash yesterday...he was frightened at first but once he figured it out he loved it and slept all night!

I will say he's a bit annoying as his clock must be on standard time cause he likes to wake us up an hour before we have to get up with kisses and nudges.  He doesn't like to sit still!!!

We love him to bits!!!

Carly, Dave and the boys


Sookie Image

Our new addition Sookie joined our family over Easter and is settling in nicely.  Everyone, including Sookie, is thrilled!

Loki (formerly Eddie)

Loki (formerly Eddie) Image

Thought I'd send you a few more pictures since Loki is now a year old (still playful as a kitten though). His new addiction is playing in our soaker tub - we turn the tap on really gently and he will literally play in there forever, he's soaked at the end and enjoys walking around spraying every mirror he can but it's worth it because he's just so darn cute haha.

Sophie (formerly Kate)

Sophie (formerly Kate) Image


It has been awhile now that I have wanted to send an update on Sophie (formerly Kate). We adopted her back in 2011 but her personality has continued to grow and change over the years. When we first brought her home she was a quiet cat that loved to be around you. She was a shadow, following you from room to room. If you were on the couch she would be curled up beside you. The first night we brought her home I will never forget. We settled into bed for the night and Sophie crawled in between our pillows and started to purr. We started to laugh because her purr is as loud as a diesel truck!

Over the years she has come to be the biggest lap cat. She is on your lap before you have time to get comfortable.
She is also very outgoing, being the first to greet anyone that comes to the house.Sophie spends her days sleeping in the sun, evenings on you lap and nights sleeping on the corner of our bed. She even doesn't mind being picked up every now and then. Sophie has even gained a partner in crime, Oliver, they are always getting into some type of mischief around the house.

Thank you NASAP for rescuing Sophie so she could rescue me after the loss of my first cat. It was love at first sight. Keep up the great work!



Evie Image

Hi Everyone,

I thought I would send you an update on Evie!

I adopted Evie just a month ago, but it seems like it has been much longer than that. I cannot tell you what a joy she has been! She gets along fabulously with our other black lab; they spend their days running, playing, and napping in front of the fire place. Evie learned crate training very quickly (less than a weekend), has learned many new tricks and is working on her recall. She's just been an absolute delight. She adores working at the farm with me, going for car rides, and playing at the dog park. But perhaps one of the best moments with her was three days after I adopted her, my stepbrother broke his leg badly. He was put bed rest and was going a bit stir crazy. Evie took it upon herself to comfort him by curling up and cuddling him in his recovery bed. Perhaps she has a future as a therapy dog!

Once again, thank you for the wonderful opportunity for me to find such an amazing friend!


Lynn & Evie

Mandy (formerly Callie) & Rory (formerly Matthew)

Mandy (formerly Callie) & Rory (formerly Matthew) Image

We wanted to let everyone know how our NASAP kitties Mandy (formerly Callie) and Rory (formerly Matthew) are doing.  They have become fast friends and spend many hours together playing and then napping.  We didn’t realize when we first brought Mandy home how charming she would be!  She is also VERY playful and energetic.  She keeps Rory on his toes!  She also likes to dig in plants, which we are trying (so far unsuccessfully) to convince her not to do!  She is a purr machine and REALLY enjoys attention.  They both really enjoy being brushed – of course Mandy tries to play with the comb as well J.  They have become best friends. They recently got a cat tree and love to spend time playing and sleeping together on it.  Thank you NASAP and a special thank you to Rachael for doing such a great job socializing the kitten litter that Mandy came from.  We are so happy with both our new family members!


Bill and Geri

Finley (formerly Tywin)

Finley (formerly Tywin) Image

Finley is trouble with a capital "T" but we love him to pieces!  He steals things from my daughters room, he unravels all the toilet paper, he's extremely nosy and he torments his older brother Junior but he makes us laugh every single day.

He got fixed about 3 weeks ago and is really doing well, he's my daughters favorite photography model and he seems to enjoy it too.  He uses his litter boxes faithfully (he even likes playing in them), he eats extremely well and he spreads himself around at night, sleeping in either my and my husband's bed or with either of the kids.  You're never alone in this house because he's always close behind wondering if something fun will happen.  He's been an absolute joy and we are so happy we found him.

I've sent a picture that my daughter took of him, he's hanging out in the bathroom waiting for us to turn on the tap so he can play with the stream of water. I just had to send you this too. I installed a new toilet today and Finley had a great time "helping" me! 

Take care and thanks again for asking about Finley!


Alina Image

Alina is doing great , we are enjoying  and loving her so much. She's settled right in from day one. She's taken over the place, when we wake up in the morning there's cat toys spread out all over the living room.  I've attached a few picture.  She enjoys her cat tree and has never scratch our furniture. She loves to hang out with my husband in the garage, and loves her cuddle time with myself.  

Thank you again for Alina she really brings us some much joy