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Jet Image

Jet has found his forever home. His day starts with a 5:45 a.m. jog with 5 runners. He is becoming familiar with the route. With a slight wag of the tail, he proudly holds his head high as he leads these ladies on their run. They have graciously welcomed Jet to the club, and Jet is very grateful for their patience and acceptance.

In addition to the parents, the young adults in Jet's new home love to take him for afternoon walks or romps in his back yard. Jet thinks he is a kangaroo as he bounces in the snow and then pounces to find one of his new squeaky toys. They think it is quite funny with Jet's butt wagging in the air as he pushes his nose through the snow. He's such a big goofball!

Jet is a quick learner as he settles into his new surroundings: He wants to please his new family. Jet is a good looking boy with a loving and playful heart. He will love summer camp when he arrives for two months on Kalamalka Lake in the Okanagan. But that's another story......


Cooper Image

Cooper is doing great! We are loving having 2 dogs in our house. He gets along so good with our other heeler Yoda. They could play together for hours outside or in the basement. We had lots of children around our house at Christmas and we were so impressed with how gentle and well behaved Cooper was around them. He certainly has filled out a bit since we got him and is looking way healthier. He has come a long way in training. He will sit and stay when the front door is open, instead of making a break for it like he used to. Yoda is definitely the pack leader but Cooper is happy to follow him around and to have a playmate. They both love to sit on our front window and bark at everyone who goes by. He still has some bad habits like jumping up on people and the counter but we're slowly working on them. I attached some photos also. Thanks for checking in. We are so happy with how Cooper is doing.

-Megan & Bryce

Allie (formerly Abby)

Allie (formerly Abby) Image

Just wanted to send an update on Allie (formerly named Abby). We couldn't be happier with Allie, she's the bravest, friendliest, and cutest kitten! She's growing very fast, and absolutely loves getting into the wood for our fireplace and sleeping in her big cat tree! She plays fetch so well, we call her a "cat-dog". Thank you NASAP, for giving us our new best friend, and as always, having amazing rescue animals!
Laurie & Doug


Charlie Image

We could not have made a better decision than to adopt Charlie. He is a sweet, wonderful little guy and his true personality is showing itself more every day. He has adapted so well in our home it's like we have always had him. He and our 14 month old Shih-Tzu Freddie are best buddies. Wonderful for them and especially Freddie as his own little girlfriend "Baby", our beautiful little 7 1/2 year old Shih-Tzu/Yorkie X has become ill with terminal cancer. We made the decision to adopt Charlie for multiple reasons, we always said we would name our next boy "Charlie" and there he was. Some joy to take away some of the sadness of the eventual loss of our little Baby, and a new buddy for our Freddie to play with. He will be much loved and treasured and has already filled our home with smiles and laughter. I was a bit anxious about adopting a mature dog having always had puppies but would do it again in a heartbeat.

Thank you NASAP,

Dwayne & Linda


Chuckie Image

We've had "Chuckie" (Chuckles) now for 6 weeks, but it seems like a lifetime. From the first day here, he settled right in and made himself right at home, as if he knew he would never have to leave. His Nasap brother Attie (Atticus) is his best friend and the two are always cuddled one of their many beds or couches. They share toys and play tug with each other constantly. They even share their bones and chewies. Not many dogs have that kind of trust where they share the things they love so freely. Chuckie of course had his front left leg amputated, but that has not stopped him from playing or loving to go for walks. He is the best trained dog, Attie has some issues with anxiety, and we are taking him to behaviour classes to help him not have accidents in the house. With Chuckie being the "newcomer", he will always ask to go outside and not mark his territory in the house where Attie has gone. We were told Chuckie will show affection only first thing in the morning when he wakes up and that he doesn't like to cuddle. We must have a different Chuckie because this guy sleeps right beside me and can't get enough hugs and kisses! He really is perfect. Thank you to Nasap for asking me to be the one to take Chuckie, I consider it an honour and he is a privilege to call my own now.

Colleen & Angelo Coco

Chuckie (Chuckels), Attie (Atticus) &Terry-Bull

Gibson (formerly Jessie)

Gibson (formerly Jessie) Image

He is doing so well and we couldn't picture our lives without him! We have re-named him Gibson. We appreciate everything NASAP has done for him and for us. He's our little boy and my bedtime snuggle buddy. He loves to climb under the covers with us and loves to be picked up when we get home. Sometimes he's sneaky and gets into mischief. He opens our kitchen cupboards when we aren't home. Needless to say we have had to do some shuffling of our kitchen items to make sure It's safe for him to climb into them. We have attached some photos of him. Thanks again for completing our little family.
Matt & Kristen


Matthew Image

We wanted to share how well Matthew is doing in his new home.  In a short day he went from hiding under the blankets on our bed to owning the whole house!  He is INCREDIBLY affectionate and cuddly.  He also likes to impress us with his acrobatic stunt of climbing on our tall window sills, which we are actively trying to curb!

My wife teaches piano, and not only does he not shy away from the sound of the piano, but he often comes and visits the kids while they practice.  He loves to lounge in the desk chairs in our office.

He's fitting in with our family very well.  It's only been a little over a week, but it feels like he's always been with us.

Bill and Geri


Jade Image

We are loving Jade so much already. We couldn't be happier with her and our other cat Chewie has accepted her so well. They are already buddies and playing together ! I was worried it would be a much longer transition.  She is adapting fantastically. Thank you so much for the blessing  of Jade.