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Lumyia  Image

#happytails for Lumyia She’s doing great! She adjusted really quickly and is very happy and cuddly. (She’s the fluffy one with white paws in the pictures) We’ve also got Violet (she was in the same foster home as Lumi but my mom filled out her paperwork so I didn’t get an email for her). She’s also doing great. She was initially more reserved but she’s decided she likes us and is quite friendly and cuddly now. #thankyou #loved #friends #adopted #fureverhome


Scarlett  Image

Scarlet is doing AWESOME! 

We were initially concerned about the dogs accepting her into the family.....Not only did she fit in, she’s the queen of the house!



Mia  Image

Mia is doing great! I absolutely love her... She is such a good kitty and quite vocal too!!! She is definitely a happy, playful kitty.  She loves car rides and her soft balls. She plays a lot in her tunnel and loves nap time!!   

zesus and meela (previously called Noel)

zesus and meela (previously called Noel) Image

"Hi nasap ! This is zesus and meela (previously called Noel) - they are both
rescues from nasap and they are doing very very well"
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Ms.Lucy Image

#happytails for Lucy! 
"I am very thrilled and happy to let you know that Ms. Lucy has fit in and is adjusting very well to us and her new fur brother, Friscoe.

We have learned that she loves carrots straight out of the garden as well as cucumbers, watermelon and cheese. She enjoys her walks and we have started running with her a bit too. Lucy started with the Hermitage Vet Hospital dog walk weekly, and soon became a part of that family too.

Overall we are very grateful to have Lucy part of our lives. She brings us so much joy and happiness."

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Ania now Annie

Ania now Annie  Image

#happytails update for Ania now Annie 
"Thanks for your message. Ania had a slight name change and is now Annie. She has adjusted very well and loves her brother Jake! They only took one day to become friends. Annie is fun, playful, cuddly and a bit mischievous! Here are a few pictures of our sweet little girl! We love her! And of course Jake too!

Thanks for finding them for us"

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Marley  Image

#happytails for Marley! 
"Marley has adjusted to her furever home. She is loved by all of us. She has made friends with our other dog. It took her a bit to adjust to the buses in our area. She is still a little around other dogs but she is getting better. I am so glad that we could give her a good home. She is such a good dog."
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#nasapdog #nasaprescue

Oola, Nomi and Traya now Mittens, Cinnamon and Sil

Oola, Nomi and Traya now Mittens, Cinnamon and Sil Image

#happytails for Oola, Nomi and Traya 
"Our 3 sister fur babies have landed a sweet life. They are adored by our immediate and extended family, as well as countless school friends and neighbours. Mittens, Cinnamon and Silvie are the new names for Oola, Nomi and Traya. Our 7 and 9 year old daughters, Elouise and Simone, are especially in love with these sisters. Simone planned her 7th birthday party t be at home with a kitten theme, and they sure got a lot of love from her friends! Elouise, age 9, donated her birthday money to NASAP last week.The kitten sisters enjoy sleeping in a doll bunkbed, in the top loft portion of our youngest daughter's bunk bed. They also love to sleep in the front window, on a sheepskin on the back of the couch. They have countless toys and lots of energy to play with them. The three sister cats are a great team and we love them so much!

Our kittens are getting spayed this Friday, October 5th, which is a day after their deadline. Rachael Hudson knows this and said that she would contact the Glenora Cat Clinic to let them know of the one day extension to the deadline. We will send copies of the spay certificates next week.

We are glad to hear that all of the siblings from this litter were adopted. We hope that their mom, Rey, finds a furever home soon too!"

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