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Ania now Annie

Ania now Annie  Image

#happytails update for Ania now Annie 
"Thanks for your message. Ania had a slight name change and is now Annie. She has adjusted very well and loves her brother Jake! They only took one day to become friends. Annie is fun, playful, cuddly and a bit mischievous! Here are a few pictures of our sweet little girl! We love her! And of course Jake too!

Thanks for finding them for us"

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Marley  Image

#happytails for Marley! 
"Marley has adjusted to her furever home. She is loved by all of us. She has made friends with our other dog. It took her a bit to adjust to the buses in our area. She is still a little around other dogs but she is getting better. I am so glad that we could give her a good home. She is such a good dog."
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Oola, Nomi and Traya now Mittens, Cinnamon and Sil

Oola, Nomi and Traya now Mittens, Cinnamon and Sil Image

#happytails for Oola, Nomi and Traya 
"Our 3 sister fur babies have landed a sweet life. They are adored by our immediate and extended family, as well as countless school friends and neighbours. Mittens, Cinnamon and Silvie are the new names for Oola, Nomi and Traya. Our 7 and 9 year old daughters, Elouise and Simone, are especially in love with these sisters. Simone planned her 7th birthday party t be at home with a kitten theme, and they sure got a lot of love from her friends! Elouise, age 9, donated her birthday money to NASAP last week.The kitten sisters enjoy sleeping in a doll bunkbed, in the top loft portion of our youngest daughter's bunk bed. They also love to sleep in the front window, on a sheepskin on the back of the couch. They have countless toys and lots of energy to play with them. The three sister cats are a great team and we love them so much!

Our kittens are getting spayed this Friday, October 5th, which is a day after their deadline. Rachael Hudson knows this and said that she would contact the Glenora Cat Clinic to let them know of the one day extension to the deadline. We will send copies of the spay certificates next week.

We are glad to hear that all of the siblings from this litter were adopted. We hope that their mom, Rey, finds a furever home soon too!"

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Dawson 18-036-C

Dawson 18-036-C Image

Dawson is adjusting well into our home. He has made friends with Maggie our Golden who loves everyone. Our new kitten is quite enamoured with Dawson and he is gentle with her and tolerates her craziness. Our two small dogs are fine with Dawson, they mostly ignore one another. Noki, our other adult male cat and Dawson have settled what ever initial differences they may have had. The only conflict is between Dawson and our spayed adult female. There is usually hissing and sometimes brief scraps. Both cats initiate the squabbles but generally they try to avoid each other.

We quickly learned that Dawson likes to shred toilet paper so we have put it in locations that ensure we have more than confetti when needed. He is also a messy eater as he seem to flip the dry food out of the dish as he eats. 

Dawson is affectionate and has a loud purr when greeting us. All in all he’s a wonderful cat and we are glad he is part of our family.

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Titan Now lynyrd

Titan Now lynyrd Image

Hey! So I actually renamed titan to lynyrd the day I adopted him because he has such a big personality! I love having him here and lynyrd loves to play every morning with me and also play with my a little dog. He has the best temperament  and I've even brought him to see my friends kittens and he is so gentle . He loves to cuddle me too I have lots of pictures

Titan 17-065-C NASAP alumni! 

Cricket now Sputnik

Cricket now Sputnik  Image

Cricket has settled right in. We did rename her Mouschi (or sometimes just Mousch for short), which seems to suit her. She is progressing from kitten to cat and is much loved by all here. Though fairly quiet when she first arrived, she has blossomed into a curious and playful companion. She loves her toys, especially the squeaky mice and has been just great about using the scratching post we got her. She also loves supervising our robot vacuum when it is doing its job. She is so sweet and friendly, she wins the hearts of everyone who comes to visit. Our 10 year old grandson, visiting from Bali, Indonesia, has been here building cardboard houses for her. The two of them hit it off immediately, especially because he misses his cat Simba who is back home. But Mousch is just as much at home playing with me or our 5 year old granddaughter.


Stewie Image

Stewie is doing amazing! He is such a sweetie, I just love him. He loves to cuddle and really enjoys watching the birds on the balcony - I put up netting above the railing, so he can lounge out there and watch all the goings on.


Link Image

#happytails for Link!! Link has settled in great at home and is doing really well on his new hypo diet. He is the perfect companion animal; curls up beside me at night and greets me at the door when I come home with lots to say. He is never far from my side and even joins me in the shower - he LOVES the water! I recently moved to a larger place and Link took it all in his stride. Link is a wonderful senior guy and Im very thankful to all those at NASAP who helped bring us together!#thankyou #nasapalumni #nasaprescue #fureverhome