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Vixen Image

Vixen is doing great. Her and her brother constantly play. All cats on the house and dog get along well. We are so glad to have Vixen with her brother.



Sully and Caidin

Sully and Caidin Image

Sully has stolen our hearts! He has adjusted very well in his forever home. It was only a matter of perhaps 3 weeks and he pretty much had taken over the household. He is charming, affectionate and at times a little devil. One of his favorite games is hide and sneak attack...not always He has particularly taken a shine to Caidin the family canine. Sully watches out the window or waits at the door when she is out for a walk and acts as though she has been gone a lifetime when she returns. He announces to me when she wants in the house if I don't see her at the patio door quick enough. Caidin is also a rescue from NASAP... almost 10 years ago now. He is such a sweet little fellow and we adore him. He is so very smart too! 

I have sent a couple of pictures from my phone of Sully. I have none on my computer and am not techie enough to figure out how to do it. I will send more later.  Please let me know if you received the pictures that I sent from my phone.

Thank you,

Ken and Jo

Minnie (now Mini)

Minnie (now Mini) Image

Minnie is great. We changed her name to Mini. She is learning to walk on a leash and is mostly a good kitten.

Starlord (now Odin)

Starlord (now Odin) Image

We love our new member of the family. The former Starlord - now is call Odin. He is doing great. He is very loving - loves to cuddle and getting belly rubs. Quick and smart - knowns his name and how the house works. He was scared at first but with gentle words and space - he came out of his shell. He still is afraid sometimes but we can talk to him and show him that he is safe. We have no issues with him. He is a very lucky cat - I can not think how his life would have been without his rescue. Thank you for your hard work in saving these beautiful animals. I hope the pictures work - Odin does not like the camera.


Taffy Image

Taffy is a wonderful addition to our family. He has fit the exact role we were looking for. My daughter needed her own cat. Taffy is the best little boy as he actually follows her around as if she were his mom. When she goes to bed he does too. It is truly sweet. 

He is calm and confident in the home and has no fear of the dog or the other two cats. Rachael did a wonderful job raising Taffy to the confident, assertive little boy we love. 

Thank you for taking such good care in the raising of him.



Sheik Image

Sheik has settled in to his new home. He is well mannered, curious, friendly, sociable and at times entertaining. He finds the sunny spots in the house for his cat naps, loves getting into bags sometimes even before they are emptied. He reminds you when it is time for his treats. He has been a great addition to our family.



Hanna Image

Hanna is adjusting well to our home. She is an absolute doll!! Very well trained and she loves exploring our backyard as the snow is melting away and revealing all kinds of new smells for her! She loves going for walks down our country roads and seeing horses and cows.



Groot Image

Groot is doing AWESOME!

He very quickly adjusted to his new feline siblings and sometimes thinks he is the boss :p.  About a month after I adopted him, my niece moved in with her even younger orange tabby and she quickly became Groot’s best buddy.  

Groot may be a tad spoiled because he is very keen to push all the boundaries... but I just love him soooo much!!!  He is such a character.