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Groot Image

Groot is doing AWESOME!

He very quickly adjusted to his new feline siblings and sometimes thinks he is the boss :p.  About a month after I adopted him, my niece moved in with her even younger orange tabby and she quickly became Groot’s best buddy.  

Groot may be a tad spoiled because he is very keen to push all the boundaries... but I just love him soooo much!!!  He is such a character.



Socks  Image

#happytails for SOCKS! “Just wanted to give an update. We adopted socks almost 10 years ago from NASAP and there hasn’t been a dull moment since. Socks is full of personality and she hasn’t slowed down despite her age. Since adopting socks we’ve welcomed another fur baby and 3 human babies and socks has taken it in stride. She still makes her presence known and makes sure her needs are met. Just wanted to say thanks to NASAP & her foster family.”


Nala  Image

#happytails for Nala!

“Everything is going pretty awesome with Nahla! She's the light in our house! Every day she does something that makes me laugh. She loves to make new paths in our snow in the back yard and then loves to come in and get towelled down before she comes in the house. Nahla has a new favourite spot on top of the couch where she can see out the back window and the front door. She's always full of energy and excited to do everything and go anywhere! All her fur has grown in now so she looks even cuter!” 


Midnight  Image

#happytails for Midnight!! She is doing great, her mass is not inflamed and she has gained weight and her gut is growing in!! She loves car rides and play with squeaky toys! 









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Gator now LUNA

Gator now LUNA Image

#happytails for GATOR now LUNA

She is fabulous but giving her mom a hard time with frequent vet visits for allergies, a small mass and random puppy cuts. She is working on her manners and has made a few friends. She definitely doesn’t understand her size!






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Cersei (now Lizzie)

Cersei (now Lizzie)  Image

Cersei (now Lizzie) is doing well in her new home.

Zeus and Noel (now Meela)

Zeus and Noel (now Meela) Image

Zeus has adjusted well. We are working on not scratching the furniture. He is very happy and likes his new companion Meela (formally Noel from NASAP). 

Tracy (now Nellie) and Coco

Tracy (now Nellie) and Coco Image

Tracy (now named Nellie) is doing great!  It took her about 5 minutes to settle in - she is such a friendly and easy-going cat.  She greets me at the door and follows me everywhere.  She always wants to play, and she is very talkative and affectionate.  She is also getting along very well with Coco, who I adopted from NASAP last July.  They like to chase each other around the house and then they will settle down for a nap together.  Thank you so much for rescuing Nellie and Coco and giving them another chance.  They are both such sweet kitties, and I enjoy every moment with them!