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Cricket now Sputnik

Cricket now Sputnik  Image

Cricket has settled right in. We did rename her Mouschi (or sometimes just Mousch for short), which seems to suit her. She is progressing from kitten to cat and is much loved by all here. Though fairly quiet when she first arrived, she has blossomed into a curious and playful companion. She loves her toys, especially the squeaky mice and has been just great about using the scratching post we got her. She also loves supervising our robot vacuum when it is doing its job. She is so sweet and friendly, she wins the hearts of everyone who comes to visit. Our 10 year old grandson, visiting from Bali, Indonesia, has been here building cardboard houses for her. The two of them hit it off immediately, especially because he misses his cat Simba who is back home. But Mousch is just as much at home playing with me or our 5 year old granddaughter.


Stewie Image

Stewie is doing amazing! He is such a sweetie, I just love him. He loves to cuddle and really enjoys watching the birds on the balcony - I put up netting above the railing, so he can lounge out there and watch all the goings on.


Link Image

#happytails for Link!! Link has settled in great at home and is doing really well on his new hypo diet. He is the perfect companion animal; curls up beside me at night and greets me at the door when I come home with lots to say. He is never far from my side and even joins me in the shower - he LOVES the water! I recently moved to a larger place and Link took it all in his stride. Link is a wonderful senior guy and Im very thankful to all those at NASAP who helped bring us together!#thankyou #nasapalumni #nasaprescue #fureverhome

Carly now Sputnik

Carly now Sputnik Image

#happytails for Carly now Sputnik! She is doing well, my other cat and her mostly get along. She always wants to play!!!#thankyou for adopting! #fureverhome #nasapalumni #nasaprescue

Tuxi now Chester

Tuxi now Chester  Image

#happytailsfor Tuxi! Now known as Chester

"He’s adapted very well! Still not playing with the dogs, but he plays with the other cats and spends a lot of time playing with toys and his people. He is definitely the snuggliest little guy and fits in so well.” 


MingSu Image

Ten years ago, I was reading the St. Albert Gazette when I happened upon a photo of a waif-like cat named "Mystery". As I read the description written about her, something tugged at my heartstrings. The write-up from NASAP stated that she would take her paw and grab your hand, in an attempt to get you to pat her head. I decided to go to the southside pet store where she was awaiting adoption. Not much was known about her, hence the name "Mystery". Sure enough, when I stuck my hand in the cage, she immediately grabbed my hand with her paw. Her loving good nature was immediately evident and she had me at the first purr. Looking back, the day I decided to adopt her (renamed MingSu) was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. She has brought me so much happiness and enjoyment over the years. She doesn't much resemble that scrawny cat I brought home that day, blossoming into a beautiful cat with a gorgeous coat and loving personality. I can't imagine life without her now.


These days she spends lots of time sleeping, curled up in a sunbeam or snuggled on a blanket, purring.

Beau (now Albert)

Beau (now Albert) Image

Beau is doing great! We have changed his name to Albert. We haven't had very many problems with him, he has fit in very well.

Now that the weather is nice has enjoyed being with us in the backyard; chasing bugs, and playing fetch with dogs!

He has claimed his own room, where he takes everything that he thinks is his, like all his toys, all our pens, car keys...

We have become fond of him, and are happy we have him!


Vixen Image

Vixen is doing great. Her and her brother constantly play. All cats on the house and dog get along well. We are so glad to have Vixen with her brother.