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Liam and Mandy

Liam and Mandy Image

Everything is going well with my kids.  Liam and Mandy have made themselves right at home and seem to be very happy.  Just this morning they were sitting in the window, watching a rabbit feeding in the back yard.   We are working on some rules that they haven't quite figured out yet, like staying off the kitchen counter and the table, but they are getting better.  Now they only go up there when we aren't around!  Mandy has decided to stay petite and she weighs only about 6.5 lbs while Liam is going to be a big boy, he already weighs in at 10 lbs. 

Shadow(formerly Otto)

Shadow(formerly Otto) Image

Hi Everyone! I just wanted to drop my brother Eli a note indicating that I have found my forever home and not to worry about me!  I’m glad that he is happy as well.  My name had been changed to Shadow because at one time I was scared of my own shadow and I like to follow my new mom and dad around.  The picture has me (I’m the black one) and my cousin Sammy and my new Dad!  I do SO MUCH for my Mom and Dad; I keep Moms favorite chair warm for her while I have naps, and have taken it upon myself to occupy 75% of the bed – making mom and dad cuddle at night, I have also taken it upon myself to watch Dads weight by helping him eat his sandwiches.  I am just that kind of great guy that is so concerned about them!  Mom even installed a night light in the garage to try to convince me that its all right to sleep in there--- boy is she a fool- who would supervise them!  I live on a farm that has 160 acres which needs to be explored every day!.  So my day starts with me chasing the squirrel or cats and then running to make sure that nothing is happening that I am not aware of and then repeating the same until dark.  Bye for now--- gotta go chase that darn squirrel! PS-  I would really like to thank Ron and his family and all the wonderful people at NASAP for taking care of me until I found my new mom and dad! Karen Reed, B.A.,


Ashlie Image

Hey Ash,

Little Ashlie is a going concern.....she is fabulous & we love her so much.   Kuffs is so happy now & he has really taken to her.   She can't make a move without him watching where she is going.   Ashlie had her bath on Thursday & she wasn't too impressed but she will get used to it.   Training is coming along but you have to keep on her about going to her scratching post & not the chair.   That will all come in time.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know how things are.   Have a great week.

Kath, Bry, Kuffs & Ashlie


Lilan (now Rufus)

Lilan (now Rufus) Image

Lilan is doing great, she is Rufus to us!  She is right beside me chewing on her squeaky toy and I am surprised you cannot hear from wherever you are!!!   She successfully completed Puppy training and passed with flying colours;  not surprising as she is really an intelligent dog.  She is around 15 kg now and has kept all of her colourings.  She is wonderful.  


Darwin Image

I just wanted to let you know that Darwin is settled in now. It took him a couple of weeks to adjust and to get used to us, but everything is well. He is a great cat and has obviously been trained by someone in the past. He loves to sleep and play with his toys…favorite of which is a tinfoil ball. Now he follows me around the house meowing at me, which is funny and unexpected.

Happy New Year.


Reiko (now Jasper)

Reiko (now Jasper) Image

Reiko's new name is Jasper and recently we think he has come to know it as that too!  He has been such a great addition to our family.  He is so full of spunk and love that we can't imagine our household any other way!  Out other kitty, Penny (also adopted from NASAP) has adjusted fairly well.  They now enjoy each other's company and can be found cleaning one another and generally following one another around (inbetween some pretty high energy games of "tag" and "who can corner who").

Jasper truly loves attention and cuddles and will seek it out at all times (of the day AND night).  He truly seems happy and well adjusted to his new home.

Bill and I are both thankful that we took the plunge to adopt another kitty (we were worried about how Penny would react) as he is such a good companion for all three of us and has completed our family.

Dots (nowChloe)

Dots (nowChloe) Image

I am very impressed with your organisation and the great care you take in looking after your animals, both before and after adoption.  I have changed Dots' name to Chloe;  she is a very classy cat and I thought Chloe suited her.

Chloe is doing very well and I love her to pieces!  She has basically taken over my heart and home.  What a wonderful, sweet kitty she is!    



Jessica Image

Things are going very well with Jessica.   I'm so happy with her.  She is everything I wanted in a cat.  She's beautiful, sweet, well mannered and a wonderful little buddy to me.  Honestly, I couldn't have asked for a better cat.  She loves to play, so I've bought her lots of toys and play with her several times a day.  She also loves being petted, so she gets LOTS of pets.  We are both doing very well together.  She has brought me so much joy and I'm sure we'll have many great years together.  I love the NASAP system - where you match up the pets with suitable people.  It worked perfectly for me.