How you can help

There are a number of ways that you can help us. Please see the Donation, Fundraising, Yearly Membership, Foster Home, and Volunteer sections below for more information on how you can make a difference!


Please consider making a donation to NASAP!

NASAP relies solely on the generosity of donations and the hard work of our volunteers to keep the Society growing. Your generous donations help us to provide medical attention, food and shelter to homeless, abused or unwanted animals. NASAP's largest expense are medical bills; which include emergency procedures, medications and spay and neuter procedures.

Your donation can be in any amount that is affordable to you. Even a modest donation will help us in our efforts to give homeless animals the care they need until we can find them a new loving home. All donations are most gratefully accepted, and income tax receipts are available for donations greater then $20.

We can gratefully accept donations in the following ways:


Donate Now Through!

You can mail a cheque made out to NASAP to:

Box 3236, Station Main
Sherwood Park, AB
T8H 2T2

You can call 780 922 0250 and arrange to drop off a cheque or credit card payment at our southside office.

If you like you can target your donation to one of our special funds and know that 100% of the money goes towards saving an animal. Currently there NASAP has two special funds:

Emergency Medical Fund

A number of times per year an animal comes INTO our care who requires major medical treatment to save its life. Recent examples include Billy the cat who developed liver problems, Chester and Simon, two cats who were rescued as strays with limb injuries requiring amputations. Initiation funding for our Emergency Medical Fund, established in the spring of 2002, through a generous grant FROM PETsMART Charities has allowed us to help these animals and more. One of the best aspects of this fund is that if an animal we take INTO care gets unexpectedly sick or injured, we do not have to worry about whether saving this animal's life will put the Society in jeopardy as a result. However, replenishment /maintenance of the fund is an ongoing need please consider targeting your donation to this fund 100% of your donation will go to animal care

Pound Pets Spay/Neuter Fund

In the past year, we have expanded our operations to partner with numerous urban and rural pounds in Northern Alberta in a program that we call the Pound Pets Rescue Program Through diligent negotiations, diplomacy, and education, we have convinced many of these facilities to strive to become no-kill pounds by taking those homeless animals who are slated for euthanasia INTO our system and fostering them until adoptive homes can be found. Virtually all of these strays are unaltered, and the cost of these spays and neuters presents an ongoing major expense for NASAP. To keep the Pound Pets Rescue Program viable, we have initiated the Pounds Pets Spay/Neuter Fund. This is a new initiative, again made possible by a generous grant FROM PETsMART Charities in June 2003.Replenishment /maintenance of the fund is an ongoing need please consider targeting your donation to this fund 100% of your donation will go to pound pet spays and neuters.Remember, every $100 donated saves one life!!

Please contact NASAP to make arrangements for pick-up or delivery of donated items. Thank you!


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If you are interested in buying pet insurance, please use one of the links below. For each policy purchased, we receive $25.

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Yearly Membership $40.00

Your membership in NASAP allows us to continue helping homeless animals. As well you have the opportunity to attend our annual meeting and vote on the election of the Board of Directors.

To become a member download the membership form here, and return it to us with the payment.

A NASAP newsletter is published approximately every three months, and is included in your membership.

Foster Home

We are in need of foster homes, foster families, or foster parents, who would like to give a dog or cat a temporary home and help start them on the road to a better life... it will brighten your own life too! Some of the dogs and cats we bring INTO care have been living outside as strays, or have been neglected or mistreated, and are in need of some basic training, but mostly attention and love. All food and medical care is provided by NASAP for the animal which you would foster in your home.

For more information about foster homes, please read Foster Home Guidelines, fill out this form and email our foster home coordinator if you would like to help us, or you would like more information.

We frequently hold information meetings on becoming a foster home. Please see the Events page for details on the next meeting.

We are trying to advertise our need for more foster homes, so it would be greatly appreciated if you could download the flyer here, and post it around your community.


We are always in need of volunteers in a wide variety of activities, such as:

  • helping out at Pet adoption days
  • helping with special events (e.g. Homeless Animals Day, Furry Fun Run)
  • making phone calls
  • picking up supplies
  • transporting animals
  • taking pictures of foster animals
  • fundraising

If you are interested in volunteering,

please fill out this form and contact us at 922-0250 or