Winston is a large adult male tom cat that NASAP took in from our partner pound on New Year's Eve 2011. Poor Winston had been living on the streets of Beaumont for at least a year where he was being fed by a local woman. In dealing with animal control about another issue, she mentioned Winston's situation. The animal control officer convinced her to take him to the pound so that he could receive some badly needed medical attention for an abscess and be evaluated for NASAP intake. At that time, Winston was still a young cat, but he already had several permanent scars and conditions resulting from his time outside. First, Winston tested positive for the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). This contagious feline virus will eventually affect his immune system. He requires a strictly indoor only home with no other cats for the rest of his life. He also requires regular checkups and supportive care to help him fight this disease. His ears are his second major and ongoing medical issue. They were permanently damaged and deformed; a condition called cauliflower ear. His ear canals are almost completely closed and he will be susceptible to infections for the rest of his life. He requires ongoing treatment drops and monitoring to make sure that his ears remain healthy and not bothering him. He also has some type of large, recurrent growth or polyp deep in one of his ears. We have removed this polyp in the past but it has now returned and needs to be removed again. His teeth are Winston's final ongoing medical issue. At intake, Winston had two severely damaged canine teeth that had to be removed. The few teeth he has left require cleaning again at this time. Because of all these health issues, Winston is a permanent care ward within NASAP's foster care system. We would deeply appreciate targeted donations towards Winston's care at this time (see the donate tab above to find out how to donate; TAX RECEIPTS PROVIDED FOR ALL DONATIONS $20 AND HIGHER). Winston is a friendly and docile cat that appreciates the little things in life like tummy rubs and a full bowl of food. He really deserves the happiest and most comfortable life possible after what he went through on the streets. Please help us give Winston a happy and healthy 2017 and beyond!

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