Little Sophie has returned to us (thank you to Tudor Glen Vet Clinic for contacting us when she ended up there). Sophie originally came to NASAP in 2013 after her owner of only a few months was unable to care for her any longer and at that time we learned a lot (through her microchip) about how she was treated for most years of her life. She originally came to NASAP with a uteral infection, one lonely tooth in her mouth and much more because her life's purpose was having puppies. She had zero trust in people or anything for that matter. She learned to trust and enjoy the company of other dogs and was started to become curious about people!

While in foster care we have seen so much of her personality shining through! She is definitely an early riser and loves to dance when she sees her foster mom rising out of bed. She goes straight to the food dish (3-4 times a day to plump her up) and gobbles it all up! She loves her walks to explore and sniff the neighbourhood and combing her very fine hair puts her right to sleep.

Since returning to us she is having a hard time with her health again. She was extremely bony and underweight, with sporadic diarrhea. Blood tests that showed many possible concerns. We continued testing and learned her liver enzymes are quite low and consequently she requires a special diet and medication. Unfortunately, that's not all for this little fighter. There were some irregularities in other test results and there are only a few possible conclusions - cancer, liver shunts or cushings disease. Sophie's vet bills are expensive and we are looking for targeted donations towards her care.

This little lady deserves to experience what a dogs life should really be like! Not in a cage, not mistreated, not ignored, but loved and cared for with treats, walks, pets and combings for the rest of her life! She has come so very far since her start with us last year and we know she has so far to go, but with continued care and patience it's happening!

Sophie  June 2016