Serene is a senior spayed female black kitty. She originally came to NASAP in 2008 as an adult from Leduc/Beaumont Animal Control. She quickly found a loving home with a senior lady that cared for her for the next 8 years. When her owner began to experience health problems and had to enter palliative care, Serene came back to NASAP. Serene has hyperthyroidism that requires daily oral medication (in chewable form - she thinks it is just a treat) and she is on a steroid to lessen the side effects of her thyroid medication (itching and losing hair). Serene is a calm and quiet cat, who saves her meows for the rare occasion when you really need to know something. She does best as the only pet in the home and with adults that let her have her own space and engage on her own terms. We had hoped initially to place Serene in a new forever retirement home, however it proved difficult to stabilize her health and deem her adoptable. Her current foster parents worked tirelessly with her vet to make sure she is as comfortable and happy as possible. She has finally settled in well to her foster home after 10 months in care. At this point, we feel it would be best for her to stay there, in permanent care for the rest of her days. Like any senior cat, Serene needs to receive regular vet check ups to ensure she stays in good shape through her golden years. Her vet care and medications are costly. Please consider making a targeted donation to help support Serene!

Serene 2