Dobby is a super sweet boy that came to Nasap from one of our partner pound. He is fairly small for around 10 months old. Dobby was in rough shape when found and was immediately seen by a vet. Dobby was suffering from severe frost bite to his ears and paws. His ears were folded over and little spots already gone, his ears will permanently be slightly different. His fur was patchy and falling out from being malnourished. All his paws were raw and sore. The front two paws had most the nails ripped out from the cold. Now that the paws are healing it seems a couple nails survived. It is unsure at this point if the others will grow back. His back left leg also was very raw and had lost a couple nails. The biggest concern was his back right leg. It had open sores that were infected and some areas that had already turned black. Dobby was treated for his infections but sadly the black areas got worse and vets determined that gangrene had set in. Sadly Dobby will be going for a full amputation of that leg in early march. Dobby is healing and has learned to fully trust his people. He will roll and roll for belly rubs and loves head scratches. He is learning to play with toys and likes little balls and wands. He is starting to figure out the laser pointer too. Dobby loves to be held and so far tries to make friends with any cat he meets. Dobby will be available for adoption sometime around mid march once he has healed from surgery