Dobby is a shy but sweet boy that came to Nasap from a partner pound. He is small and around 10 months old. Dobby was in rough shape when found and was seen by a vet. He has severe frost bite to his ears and paws. His ears are folded over and will stay like that. His fur is patchy and falling out from being malnourished. Dobbys back leg is the worst with open sores that are infected and some areas that have already turned black. He is currently being treated with antibiotics to help that infection. If the black areas spread Dobby will sadly loose that leg. His front paws are also infected but not nearly as bad. It appears he was "declawed " from frostbite. It is unlikely the nails will grow back but we will have a better idea once he is strong enough to go for surgery and have everything cleaned up, as well as his neuter.