Shelby returned to NASAP April 2019, with her brother Ashton. They were both thought to be in general good health with the exception of being slightly senior. When they went for their general health exam and assessment it was found Shelby had stage 4 dental disease requiring extractions and a full cleaning. She also had several small masses on her body that were going to be removed and biopsied during her dental sedation. Her bloodwork was all normal and she was as energetic as ever! 

However her brother Ashton had less fortunate news and he has since been made Permanent care - to see more of his story go to our "special cases" tab and see his bio! 


Shelby is part of our special cases because she will remain in foster care until her brother Ashton passes. Then she will available for adoption! 

She is energetic and young at heart! She loves going for long walks, loves to cuddle and meet people. She is great with kids and people of all ages. She is excited to meet dogs but a bit less tolerant of large dogs. She is working on her leash skills and socialization - she’s just so excited to be part of the world. She is lovely! She is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and fully vetted. We will update you on her biopsy and dental  once we know more ❤️

Sand Ashe