meet Honey 

She came to NASAP from a partner pound in early September

She was impounded after her family moved away and sadly left her behind. She was chained to the deck as an outside dog all her life so she isnt used to going for walks. Because of that she is overweight and has joint pain and walking issues.

However, in foster care she is learning how to explore the world and leave her home. She is very shy at first but given time and she warms right up looking for scratches and pets. Her amazing foster family has been working with her on touch and trust as she was in dire need of vet care but she was so scared she wouldnt let anyone assess her. She was started on medication for pain and worked with Nina at Naturally Fluent Dog Training - https://www.facebook.com/Naturally-Fluent-Animal-Training-564060730705904 for the last 3 months. 

It all paid off and this month she went to Brintnell Vet Hospital for a full health check! She was still very timid but she was more confident and trusting and we were able to get bloodwork, full body x rays and a full assessment. We finally had answers to truly help her and make her comfortable!! 

The x rays showed she has severe chronic arthritis to both elbows and both knees. She has old breaks to her joints that have healed from years prior. She was started on daily pain medication and weekly injections for pain relief. Also she is on a slow diet to both loose weight and give omega suppliments to help lubricate her joints. 

We will keep you updated on her progress as she gets healthier and more comfortable!