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At the Northern Alberta Society for Animal Protection (NASAP), we are dedicated to making a significant difference in the lives of homeless and unwanted animals in the Northern Alberta area. Founded in 1998, NASAP has consistently worked towards providing compassionate solutions to animal welfare challenges. Our mission is driven by the belief that every animal deserves a chance at a happy, healthy life.

Through our network of dedicated volunteers and foster homes, we strive to offer a second chance to animals in need by preparing them for their forever homes and educating the community about responsible pet ownership.


Our mission goes beyond rescue; we provide each animal with the medical attention and care they need to thrive. From vaccinations to surgeries, we ensure every pet is healthy and ready for adoption.


Our foster network plays a crucial role in the recovery and socialization of our animals. By providing temporary homes, our fosters help pets adjust to a loving environment, making the transition to their forever homes smoother and more successful.

We Exist For 2 Reasons

1. To Provide a Solution To The Problem Of Homeless and Unwanted Animals

We are committed to addressing the issue of homeless and unwanted animals in the Northern Alberta area. Our goal is to decrease the necessity for euthanasia as a method of controlling the pet population by:

Rescuing animals at risk of euthanasia from local pounds and shelters.

Providing foster care for animals until they find permanent homes.

Ensuring all animals in our care receive the necessary medical treatment, training, and socialization they require.

2. To Ensure Responsible Pet Ownership

We aim to help the community understand the importance of spaying and neutering pets as a primary method to control the pet population. We advocate and use force-free training on our foster animals. We will be force-free certified in 2024!

We advocate and ensure our animals are properly licensed after adoption and follow bylaws within the area while they are in foster care. We ensure thorough medical care and vaccinations are continued after adoption.

Our efforts include:

Organizing and participating in community events to spread awareness.
Offering resources and guidance on the health and behavioral benefits of spaying and neutering.

Nasap’s Impact

Since 1999, NASAP has been dedicated to rescuing and rehoming animals in need. Our efforts have resulted in countless success stories and a strong community of supporters who believe in our mission. Join us in making a difference for animals in Edmonton.


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