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Meeko is hooked on birdwatching – or bunny watching – or basically watching anything out the window that moves! The window perch is his favorite place to be. He loves massages and belly rubs, and will come running when he hears the massage gun turn on. He is not a big cuddler, but he loves to be close to his people and be within arms reach. And he will very patiently tolerate un-instigated snuggles! Meeko loves to “help” his foster mom get ready for work in the morning, and likes to be involved in whatever’s going on. He loves to go out in the backyard on his long lead, and has even come for a walk with us and the dog (though it was by far the slowest walk we have ever taken). Meeko is adventurous and active. He is such a curious little guy who would be a great adventure buddy. He is super sweet and soft, he does well with being groomed. He loves his brother and has been his biggest cheerleader through all of his surgeries this year. These boys do well with large dogs they currently cuddle with their foster sister Maya (90 pound alberta special cross) they would love to find a home together with or without a dog

Meeko's Details


long hair house panther



Age / DOB

Jan 2021

Adoption Fee

bonded pair $300
What's Included?

All of the following are included in the adoption fee:

  • Spaying/Neutering
  • Vaccinations
  • Treatments for parasites
  • Feline immunodeficiency virus/Feline leukemia testing
  • 1 post-adoption vet checkup
  • Additional veterinary care, including but not limited to – dentistry, bloodwork, ultrasounds, thorough grooming, major surgeries, etc. (If required, these procedures are completed prior to adoption, and do not change the adoption fee)



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