Foster With NASAP

By opening your home to a foster dog or cat, you play a crucial role in giving these animals a fresh start. Many of our animals have faced hardships, from living as strays to experiencing neglect or mistreatment.

Fostering provides them with a loving, temporary home, helping them heal and prepare for their forever families. Join us in making a difference—your support brightens their lives and yours too! If you can foster, please complete the application here.

Why Foster?

Fostering a pet offers numerous benefits for both the animal and the foster family. For the animals, fostering provides a safe, loving environment where they can recover and prepare for permanent homes. It helps them transition from potentially traumatic pasts to stable, healthy futures.

For foster families, the experience is incredibly rewarding. You’ll have the opportunity to make a significant difference in an animal’s life, witnessing their transformation and growth firsthand. Fostering also offers companionship and the joy of caring for an animal without the long-term commitment of adoption.

By opening your home, you are directly contributing to reducing the number of homeless animals and supporting NASAP’s mission to provide care and find permanent homes for these pets.

What To Expect

When you decide to foster a pet, you’re opening your home and heart to an animal in need. Many of the pets we bring into care have been living as strays or have experienced neglect or mistreatment. They might require basic training but, more importantly, need attention and love. By fostering, you play a vital role in giving these animals a chance to heal and thrive, preparing them for their forever homes!

Support Provided By NASAP

Food And Supplies

NASAP provides all necessary items, including food, harnesses, leashes, bowls, collars, beds, crates, and toys.

Medical Care

All medical expenses are covered through our partner veterinarians.

Training and Guidance

NASAP offers support from trainers to help with any behavioral issues. Additionally, NASAP is working to be force free certified and ensures all foster homes use force free training. We provide support and ongoing sessions and connections to certified trainers as needed.


If you need assistance with transportation for vet appointments or adoption events, volunteers are available to help.

Rule of 3

Helping Your Foster Pet Adjust

Fostering a pet involves understanding and supporting their adjustment period, which typically follows the “Rule of 3”:

3 Days

To Decompress

Pets may feel overwhelmed or scared

They might not be comfortable enough to show their true selves. May be scared/unsure of what’s going on

They may refuse to eat, drink, or engage

Hiding or testing boundaries is common

3 Weeks

To Learn Your Routine

Pets start settling in and feeling more comfortable

They begin to realize this could be their new home

They figure out their environment and get into a routine

They start to let their guard down and show their true personality

Behaviour issues may start to appeaer

3 Months

To Start To Feel At Home

Pets finally feel comfortable in their new home and begin to trust

They gain a sense of security with their new family and a true bond

They fully settle into their new routine

They start to let their guard down and show their true personality

Behaviour issues may start to appeaer


Common Questions About Fostering

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