Surrender An Animal

Surrendering Your Animal

NASAP, as an animal rescue organization, accepts owner-surrendered animals when there is space available. Priority is given to pound animals that are out of time or have nowhere else to go. Please note that this may mean your request to surrender your animal will be placed on a waiting list until space becomes available.

Stray/Lost or Feral Cats

NASAP does not accept stray, lost, or feral cats from the general public. City of Edmonton bylaws state that stray animals found within city limits must be surrendered to Edmonton Animal Care and Control. For issues with stray or feral cats outside of Edmonton, please contact the bylaw officers in your area.

Feline Leukemia/FIV Test

To control contagious diseases, all owned cats must undergo a feline leukemia/FIV test (“Snap Test”) at the surrenderer’s expense before being accepted into NASAP’s care. This test can only be performed by a veterinarian.

Surrender Fees

Surrender fees help offset the cost of caring for these pets until new homes can be found. The fees are as follows:

  • Altered Dogs: $100 (minimum fee, may be higher depending on medical concerns such as spays/neuters, dentals, growths, wounds, bloodwork, etc.)
  • Unaltered Dogs: $150
  • Altered Cats: $75
  • Unaltered Cats: $125

NASAP is able to accept a maximum of one litter of puppies or kittens from any one location/person. Surrender fees for litters will be negotiated upon acceptance of the litter into NASAP’s care.

Surrender Process

  1. Online Questionnaire: To surrender your pet, please submit the Online Questionnaire and be as complete as possible.
  2. Vet Records: You will be asked to supply vet records for the pet(s) you are surrendering.
  3. Pet Supplies: All of the pet’s supplies are requested to come with the animal upon surrender to make the transition easier for the pet.
  4. Assessment: After receiving your information, a NASAP representative will discuss the surrender with you and may request to meet the pet(s) prior to making a decision.
  5. Surrender Form: If your pet is accepted into care, a surrender form will be completed and signed by the person surrendering the animal, severing all claims of ownership to the animal. An animal being accepted into NASAP’s care must be fully and completely surrendered to NASAP.

Please note: At no time and under no circumstances can NASAP accept an animal that has shown aggression toward any human being. Any animal that has bitten a human being will not be accepted.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in these matters.

Surrender Questionnaire