Noel 18-071-C

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Noel is a sweet kitty that came to care with her 9 litter mates. Unfortunately most of them passed away from a virus called panleukopenia. Noel was lucky and did not get the virus. She is a sweet and timid girl who is finally starting to come out of her shell.  She is pretty shy when meeting new people but is slowly getting braver. She enjoys being picked up and has a loud purr. She is learning to play and would benefit from having another cat around to show her the ropes. Noel is a runt and is still small for her age but is growing steadily. Her tail is also adorably small and crooked. It was previously broken and does not cause any issues. Noel will be fixed in the beginning of February and then will be ready for adoption. Inquiry today to give this little fighter her forever home. 

Age : 3 months
Breed : DSH Tortoiseshell

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