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Lizzie 23-004-CA

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Lizzie, a 7yr old brown/black striped tabby and white spayed female. Lizzie was very shy when she first came to our home. But given time to settle and lots of patience and respect for her age, she slowly came out of her shell to become part of our family. Unfortunately, she does not tolerate the resident dog, but does enjoy playing in his water bowl. In fact, we are sure that without the resident dog, Lizzie would have overcome her insecurities much faster. Therefore it is recommended by the foster parents that Lizzie find a forever home without other pets or young children, someone that will appreciate her need for space to get used to her new surroundings. That way she can really come into her own. When the resident dog is crated either during the day or in the evening, that's when Lizzie really shines. She loves (or demands) being petted and sitting with her people, and at night comes onto the bed and lays on someone's body for a while before finding her spot for the night. Lizzie is a very laid-back kitty, likes playing with her toys in the morning and spends the rest of the day lying on the top spot of her large cat tree. Every morning when we wake up, Lizzie has brought her favourite wand toy "trophy" into our bedroom. Then she will get vocal about her requirements usually wanting her food or need to be petted as she is a very loving cat. Other than that, she is a very quiet lady that just wants a peaceful life. And if that isn't enough, Lizzie comes complete with a large tree house, toys, litter box and scoop, automatic water bowl, programmable kibble feeder and dishes. Phew, this precious girl will turn out to be the most purrfect companion for a lucky household.

Age : DOB april 2016 - 7 y
Breed : brown/grey tabby DSH female

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Shelby 19-0000-X

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#inlovingmemory of Shelby

"It is with a heavy heart and a greatest sadness that we must announce the death of our beloved precious little girl Shelby who passed away peacefully without any pain or discomfort and went over the rainbow bridge on September 14, 2023.
We are heartbroken beyond measure yet again, just 5 months after Maggie’s passing.
I'm certain that she was greeted at the heaven's gate by her brother Ashton, Maggie and Benji as well.
Its going to be awful quiet in the house from now on without her following me around like shadow wherever I go. We will miss her more than words could ever say.
She was ours since October 2019 when we adopted her from NASAP. I truly believed that we would have a few more years together where we could continue to spoil her rotten. And still we're very grateful for the time we had together. She brought nothing but happiness and joy into our life, and we will treasure this time forever.
Shelby's birthday is October 28, It would have been her 15th birthday.
Thank you, NASAP, for bringing Shelby into our live and let her be part of our family."

We are grateful for the life Shelby got because of adoption. Her and Her brother Ashton are very special to our team and we are so thankful for being part of their lives. #pawprintsonmyheart

Thank you for loving Shelby!

Breed : unknown

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Mittens 23-018-C

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#inlovingmemory of Mittens Mittens came to NASAP alone as a stray found by bylaw. She became part of our ragtag litter of orphans and found comfort and peace in foster care. She was only with us for a couple of days 🥺 before she passed unexpectedly. We still don’t know the cause but her body was tiny and she was scared at the pound. Luckily she quickly learnt to love being pet and cuddled. She was warm and fed and loved. She loved to cuddle with her siblings or watch them play. Mittens was only 8 weeks old when she passed. Tiny but mighty 🤍 #pawprintsonmyheart #inlovingmemory #rainbowbridge #LovedAndMissed #neverforgotten #kittenlove

Breed : Dsh

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Happy 22-011-DX

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It is with heavy heart we update everyone on Happy’s passing. 

Happy came to NASAP in October, a loving happy go lucky dog. He walked with a limp but happily ran for toys and cuddles. He had a big smile for everyone and extra snuggles for anyone who gave him bum scratches. We knew when Happy came to us he had had a rough life. His off centred hips and odd gait told stories of years of pain and discomfort that he had to over come. We expected X-rays and pain medication and palliative care for him to enjoy his golden years and find his forever home. However, while in care he had an unfortunate accident while playing and got knocked over by his back legs. He was rushed to Guardian Emergency Vet as he could not stand and was in a severe amount of pain. The team at Guardian was amazing and loving; they took great care of Happy. They quickly gave him pain medication to make him comfortable and thoroughly assessed him. They did X-rays on his hips and legs and found the accident caused him to dislocate his right hip. This could have been an easy fix had they not found more insidious injuries. 

They also found his left hip had dislocated over 5 years ago and without proper medical care had years of thick severe scar tissue holding the joint together. This injury would require a total hip replacement after the 2 month rehab and recovered from his right hip surgery. Compounded to that, they found his right knee had been dislocated several years ago, again large amounts of scar tissue was holding the joint together. This injury they assume would break due to both rehabs and then would need a full joint replacement, again with months of rehab to re-learn how to walk. Happy must of have been in significant amounts of pain every day but he never showed it! 

We made sure he the orthopaedic surgeon and trauma surgeon assessed him for the best possible prognosis, unfortunately they all agreed with his age and significant trauma to his bones the recovery for each surgery, would be painful and lengthy. They were so worried about his pain management that night they didn’t want to wake him from full sedation to complete his X-rays. Our team had to make the heart breaking decision to let Happy pass. His quality of life was our biggest concern. Our dog team was with Happy for his final moments, reminding him he was loved and will always be remembered. He was only in foster care for a few short weeks but he had the best weeks, knowing warmth and love. We fulfilled our promise to give him the best life possible.

If you can help us make sure other animals are able to receive graceful and lifesaving medical care please donate in Happy honour. All donations are welcome and accepted, tax receipts are possible for any donation over $20. Donations can be sent via e-transfer to “" or through CanadaHelps  

Breed : collie cross

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Schatzie 02-417-CX

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Schatzie's Story I was watching Global TV one morning in November 2002 about NASAP. One day at work I checked the web-site and there was Schatzie (Olivia at the time - approx. age 6 months very pretty brown tabby 02-417C). Lyle and I drove out to Sherwood Park where Schatzie was being fostered by Les & Fay Hicks on 10 November 2002. When Schatzie was placed in my arms right away I knew we were meant to be together. Poor Schatzie was so nervous and scared. As I was talking with Les & Fay and let Schatzie go she hid behind a chair/hutch Lyle reached over and she started to purr. We could not take her home since she was being spayed the following week. Before we left I went back to her hiding behind the chair/hutch and promised she would have a "Great Life" with us. We met Les at Pet-Smart Calgary Trail on 16 November 2002 (Saturday) she went home with us. Schatzie was scared for a while but it did not take long before she would become a very confident kitty. Schatzie turned out to be a very mischievious kitty knowing she could do no wrong. We could never get upset at such a sweet kitty. When Schatzie was young she loved going outside in the summer but waited patiently at the back door to have her jingle bells put on (collar) never left her back yard and was always monitored. Schatzie would partrol her backyard and loved falling asleep in the garden and catching the odd bug. When we adopted Schatzie I always said she would be a travelling kitty. Schatzie traveled with us in the trailer for 17 years. All over Alberta, BC and twice to Whitehorse. Schatzie had adventures while camping chasing ground squirrels at Pigeon Lake oh the pictures I have! Schatzie loved Radium Hot Springs (Canyon RV Park) since we went there numerous times and had the same camp site at times. Once we were setup and would open the trailer door and it was like "oh I have been here before". When camp sites were quiet we would let her out and she would snoop around. It was so much fun watching her explore. One of our trips to Radium while exploring Schatzie got very excited I heard a sound in the bush turned out to be a bunch of garter snakes were at the next vacant camp-site it was a very warm day and they were enjoying the sun wrapped around each other. Schatzie must have heard one going through the bush. Schatzie was diagnosed Diabetic on 06 November 2014 (still traveled with us in the trailer- the first thing I always made sure was to have her supplies packed - twice daily insulin injections and routine blood testing weekly with her glucometer she was such a good kitty when I had to prick her ear). Schatzie recovered bouts of Pancreatitis, Gastritis, Recurring Bladder Infections & Blindness for last few years but still had a comfortable life with us we made sure of that. I never had a blind pet before and this experience has confirmed how adaptable pets are when they loose there eye-sight. With all her medical issues/recovery I always called her a tough old lady. I promised Schatzie a "Great Life" and she without a doubt had a "Great Life" with many adventures. Schatzie was a very unique & special kitty and without a doubt a member of the family The morning of 10 November 2022 when I picked up Schatzie to cuddle and she was very weak and I could tell she wanted help. I called the vet and Schatzie was put to sleep on my lap at home on 10 November 2022 knowing how much she was loved. As promised Schatzie had a "Great Life" with us for 20 years.

Breed : Domestic short hair cat

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