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Snowball 10-022-C

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We are sad to report the sudden death of our foster cat Snowball from a congenital heart defect.  Snowball was one of those special ones who will always stay in our memory.  He ended up at the pound after being picked up as a stray and he came into NASAP's care from there.  He didn't have a mean bone in his body and was extremely affectionate and gentle.  We found him in his outdoor run that is attached to his room, lying on his side like he had lain down to have a nap in the sunshine and then just drifted off.  We will miss him but are glad that we had each other's company for his last few months.  

Les and Faye

Age : Approx 2 years
Breed : DSH white

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Shep 03-001-DA

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The Warnock Family and Shep would like to thank NASAP for bringing Shep into our life. Shep lived with us for 7 wonderful years and became part of our family. Shep was a stray found in the Leduc area and was adpoted to us in 2003, he was already 5 - 7 years old. He spent the rest of his life enjoying his freedom on the farm with us. He was the BEST dog a family could have had. He died around the ripe old age of  12 - 14 years old. He was part sheppard/mixed(collie?). Thanks for the connection.  

Natasha Warnock

Breed : Shepherd x

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Prudence 10-026-C

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We only fostered Prudence, a beautiful Persian cat, for six days before she had to be humanely euthanized due to cancer, but in that short time she touched our hearts with her gentle and affectionate personality.  She was a lovely cat who died much too young.   The real tragedy, though, is that this is a too common case of a loving, trusting, soul being abandoned to her fate by some uncaring, heartless owners. She was found out on the street as a terribly matted, starving stray and ended up at the pound before coming into NASAP's care, where she spent her last few days in the home of strangers instead of with the people that she knew and trusted.  She deserved much better - Les & Faye


Breed : Persian

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Jack 09-222-D

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On August 39, 2009, we adopted Jack (previously known as Dusty) through NASAP.   The poor little guy had been badly meglected and then dumped off in the country, left to die.  I read his story on the NASAP website and just knew that we had to give him a  home.
At first, he was very wobbly and quiet, still recovering from the major dental surgery he'd had.  Gradually, as he started to gain weight and become stronger, his feisty personality came through.  He became a Milk Bone junkie!  Lots of times he would try to get away with  not eating his "real" meal and just beg for Milk Bones.  He was a fussy eater - we had to change his diet lots of times as he would quickly tire of one food and we would have to keep trying things to find whatever struck his fancy at that moment!
He loved to go for walks, but the distance he could comfortably go got shorter and shorter and the last month or so, he was just as content to stay at home and fall asleep on the couch.  He was so funny - as soon as he walked outside the door, he started peeing right on the driveway - never lifting a leg, just letting it go!  He had a laundry list of medical issues and I think our vet has been able to add on to his house with what we spent on him, but it was worth it to us to keep trying to improve his life.  We would let him out on the deck to pee and then he would run back into the house and spin around in the kitchen, barking and wagging his tail and, of course, looking up at the Milk Bone jar!  He followed me all around the house and as soon as I sat down, he would jump up on the couch to cuddle next to me, or sometimes, wag one little paw at me to get me to lift him up.  Sometimes he would sleep through the night in his bed, but more often than not, would paw at the side of the bed, wanting to come up and sleep with (which command we of course obeyed).
During the early morning hours of May 7, 2010, we awoke with a start to a terrible, almost screaming, sound to discover Jack having a seizure.  I held him for the rest of the night, his heart recing, his breathing terribly ragged and raspy.  We took him to the vet as soon as their office opened.  The vet thought that the signs pointed to a brain tumour.  I had tears streaming down my face throughout this whole time.  We made the very difficult and painful decision to end his suffering.  We held him and told him how much we loved him and what a good boy he was until he was gone.
I am amazed that such a little dog could leave such a big hole in my heart!  Jack, go for a big run across the grass, again being able to see and hear clearly, with no pain.  We'll meet up with you again someday, and we'll bring you some Milk Bones.
Elaine and Steve

Breed : Shih Tzu cross

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Nala 01-001-Da

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It is with a very sad heart that I write to tell you of the passing Nala.  We adopted 5-yr old Nala in December 2005 as a companion for our other lab, Mr. Copper.  They were instantly best friends.  Our "Happy Tail" written in 2006 is still on page 47.  Nala was a friendly, intelligent and sociable girl who was loved by all who met her.  "Bear Bear" is what the neighbours nicknamed her because of her size and strength, but in truth, she was a cuddly, loving teddy bear.  She loved car rides, and we would often take Nala and Mr. Copper to the mountains for days filled with hiking, swimming and the occasional squirrel chase.  In October 2007, we adopted an 8-week old Viszla puppy named Bender and Nala lovingly accepted him like he was her very own pup.
In December 2008, Nala was diagnosed with a terrible disease - Insulin dependent Diabetes.  Even though she became physically weak and blind from the bi-lateral cataracts she developed, she was brave and loving and enjoyed her life in our home.  When her best friend and companion Mr. Copper passed away suddenly on December 22, 2009 Nala began refusing food and water which caused her diabetes to go out of control.  20-days later on January 11, 2010 Nala decided that she was tired of fighting.  With her youngest buddy Bender cuddled up beside her, Nala laid down on her bed in our living room for her final rest.  We hugged her, kissed her furry head and told her we loved her as she took her final breaths.  She passed quietly surrounded by so much love.
To the family who made the difficult choice to give her up to NASAP, I want you to know that she was deeply loved by many people in our extended family and will be greatly missed by all.  Thanks to NASAP for all the hard work you do, and an especially big thank you for allowing us to bring this wonderful girl into our lives.  We miss you so much - our time together was too short.  Rest in peace Sweetheart.
Norine, Chris & RJ

Age : 10 years
Breed : Labrador Retreiver

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