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Peach 10-111-D

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Peach was a little Apricot toy poodle who came to us from the Pound.   She was not eating well and so we took her to the Vet who discovered she was full of cancer and infection.    Little Peach was euthanised at the recommendation of the two Veterinarians present.    Rest in peace little girl.

Age : 14 years
Breed : Toy Poodle

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Lily 10-000-DA

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Lily was found as a stray apparently abandoned in Leduc when she was about 10 years old. When I went to meet her she adopted me by coming over and sitting on my foot immediately, which turned out to be very uncharacteristic behaviour for her. She was her own dog: not ingratiating or cuddly but dignified and serious, especially to the cat, as befitted her position as an elder and survivor. Half Corgi and half terrier, though, she did have a sense of humour and a huge joker grin. Someone had trained her well and she went everywhere with me. For the first few years Lily remained energetic, curious and up for long walks, never lost her scavenging street-dog skills, and did an excellent job as my office manager and lifestyle coach as I worked at home. This summer she was 14, could no longer walk much and suffered from dementia and other problems, and we had to let her go in August, four years after we met her. She was happy in her retirement home and I’m grateful to NASAP for giving me a chance to take in this lovely girl. I miss her more than I thought possible.

Age : 14
Breed : Corgi x terrier

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Snowball 10-022-C

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We are sad to report the sudden death of our foster cat Snowball from a congenital heart defect.  Snowball was one of those special ones who will always stay in our memory.  He ended up at the pound after being picked up as a stray and he came into NASAP's care from there.  He didn't have a mean bone in his body and was extremely affectionate and gentle.  We found him in his outdoor run that is attached to his room, lying on his side like he had lain down to have a nap in the sunshine and then just drifted off.  We will miss him but are glad that we had each other's company for his last few months.  

Les and Faye

Age : Approx 2 years
Breed : DSH white

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Shep 03-001-DA

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The Warnock Family and Shep would like to thank NASAP for bringing Shep into our life. Shep lived with us for 7 wonderful years and became part of our family. Shep was a stray found in the Leduc area and was adpoted to us in 2003, he was already 5 - 7 years old. He spent the rest of his life enjoying his freedom on the farm with us. He was the BEST dog a family could have had. He died around the ripe old age of  12 - 14 years old. He was part sheppard/mixed(collie?). Thanks for the connection.  

Natasha Warnock

Breed : Shepherd x

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Prudence 10-026-C

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We only fostered Prudence, a beautiful Persian cat, for six days before she had to be humanely euthanized due to cancer, but in that short time she touched our hearts with her gentle and affectionate personality.  She was a lovely cat who died much too young.   The real tragedy, though, is that this is a too common case of a loving, trusting, soul being abandoned to her fate by some uncaring, heartless owners. She was found out on the street as a terribly matted, starving stray and ended up at the pound before coming into NASAP's care, where she spent her last few days in the home of strangers instead of with the people that she knew and trusted.  She deserved much better - Les & Faye


Breed : Persian

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