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Helen 11-118-D

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We are sad to report that we had to have our sweet natured old girl, Helen (previously Beulah), euthanized last week.  We adopted Helen from NASAP in Aug. 2011 when she was anywhere from 10 to 12 years old after she had been rescued from the pound where she had been taken, after being picked up as a stray.  She was very stiff and arthritic when we adopted her and x-rays at our vet clinic revealed that at some point in her life she had been greatly loved by someone since she had old injuries - a fractured hip and knee, that had been surgically repaired in what would have been expensive surgeries.  How an old girl like this who had been so loved could end up abandoned at a pound is hard to comprehend, but unfortunately Helen is just one of the many heart-breaking cases like this that NASAP volunteers have to deal with on a daily basis.  Once the nature of her lameness was revealed, regular administration of acupuncture and manual therapy made a huge difference in her comfort level and she was transformed from an old girl who could hardly walk to a lively gal who would actually run around the yard with her canine buddies Bodie, Penny, and Bonnie.  Helen had a dominant personality but ruled the other dogs like a benevolent dictator, correcting them with great gentleness only when necessary.  She was also very gentle with the resident cats that she shared our home with as well.   Last fall she started losing weight and after having an ultrasound peformed it was discovered that she had several tumours on her liver and that her kidneys were in very bad condition.  She did quite well on the various meds that were prescribed for her but last week, after getting progressively weaker throughout the winter, the time came to show her the greatest display of  love that a pet's family can demonstrate, by giving her a peaceful end by euthanasia while we talked to her and gently caressed her.  Although we only had her for a year and a half, she greatly touched our lives and the lives of our other pets, and she will be greatly missed.

After our experience with Helen, we would strongly encourage senior citizens or other people who can't commit to long term care of pets to consider fostering or adopting senior animals from rescue societies like NASAP.  You will provide these deserving animals with peace, love, and dignity in their few remaining years of life, qualities of life that many of them might not have been fortunate to experience in their previous years.  We can guarantee that it is a win/win situation for both the people and the animals.  

Les and Faye

Age : >12 years
Breed : Collie X Husky
Weight : 60lbs

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Juice 05-143-C

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NASAP is very sad to report that one of our long time permanent care cats has passed away. Juice suddenly became very ill on March 23 and sadly had to be euthanized. Juice was an elderly boy who was deemed unadoptable after coming into care with us back in 2005. Happily we were able to provide him with a permanent foster home until his recent passing. His foster home describes him this way: "He was very particular & could be quite prickly with attitude.  But, underneath that prickly attitude, he was a very regal and affectionate little man. He loved his catnip, wandering around the backyard in the summer, curling up on his favorite chair for a nap and annoying his sisters when he thought the day needed a little excitement. I will miss our little brushing sessions (he hated them but grew to love them!) and the way he always came to give me a few purrs and ask for some ear rubs every night at bedtime. Miss you, my little JuJuCat."

Age : >15 yrs
Breed : DLH Orange Tabby

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Meredith 06-126-C

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Our lovely girl Meredith passed away on June 9, 2012 after six wonderful years with us. Meredith was a special little kitty who, with the help of medicine and great vet care, endured chronic kidney disease and other medical problems during her time with us. Despite these challenges, Meredith was a very happy girl who loved to sit on the cat tree and look outside or find a warm lap (or laptop computer!) to lie on. She enjoyed gently batting our arms when she wanted our human food and lying in the summer sun in her outdoor enclosure. Meredith had a rough time on the streets but thanks to NASAP she ended up in a safe, warm and loving home. We miss her so much but we are grateful for the years we had with her. Rest in peace M,

Jenny & Craig

Age : >10 years
Breed : DMH brown tabby

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Midnight 12-076-C

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Midnight was a former NASAP cat that was adopted out many years ago and was recently surrendered back to our care at 14 years of age. She was an lovely elderly lady and we were really hoping to find her a comfortable retirement home that would care for her for the rest of her life. We knew that her kidneys were showing signs of her advanced age and the stress of the move was extremely hard on her. Her health declined further over the last few weeks and on the advice of her vet, she was put to sleep to on December 4, 2012.

It is extremely hard on our volunteers to have to provide supportive and end of life care for animals that are given up by their long-term owners at such an advanced age. We sincerely thank Midnight's foster dad for taking on the heavy responsibility of caring for an elderly cat whose entire world was turned upside down...

Rest in peace Midnight.

Age : 14 years
Breed : DSH black

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Albert 10-050-CA

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Albert was a lovely neutered male cat that came to NASAP from Beaumont Pound. When we first met him in June 2010, he was a complete mess and had obviously been through some serious hardships for some time. He was skin and bones and was covered in abcessed puncture wounds. He also had some type of thermal injury to most of his back and hind legs and was terribly matted. He received vet care for his wounds and supportive care at the pound.  He gained weight and his coat grew in glossy and beautiful because of receiving regular and nutritious meals. Albert was friendly, outgoing, talkative and very sweet. He just wanted to be petted and loved. He was a very special cat.  No major medical issues showed up after intial bloodwork and urinalyses and we were hopeful that he would be quickly adopted into a loving forever home. Unfortunately, additional tests confirmed that he was in the early stages of kidney disease. Luckily his wonderful foster mom, Stacy Harper, was able to keep him in permanent care with NASAP for the next 2.5 years. The staff at Sifton Park Vet gave him excellent care. On Nov 12, 2012, Albert's health unexpectedly declined very quickly and dramatically and the difficult decision was made to let him go to rest in peace. We sincerely thank the staff at Lakeside Vet clinic for providing emergency and end of life care for Albert. We especially thank his foster mom Stacy for everything she did for this wonderful eldery gentleman.

Age : >12
Breed : DLH Black

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