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Coco 18-011-D

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Inquire about adopting me

Meet Coco

She came to us from a partner pound and she is super fluffy! She is very friendly and wants to show everyone just how much they are loved. Even if it knocks them off their feet, but she is working on it Tongue out

She is eagerly learning basic skills and leash walking, there is so much to explore in the world! She LOVEs playing and tuckers out her foster sister all the time. She loves kids and adults.

She is leash trained, house trained and working on mild resource guarding. She can be protective of her food around other dogs and her family is working on hand feeding her so she slowly trusts that food with always be available. 

She is microchipped, vaccinated and got a clean bill of health. She is being spayed Nov 14 and will need a week or so to recover, but she isexcited to meet her FURever home

Apply below to meet Coco and get the process started 

Age : 1 year
Breed : aussie shepard x
Weight : 40 pounds

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Lana 18-013-D

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Inquire about adopting me

Meet Lana she is an energeric girl who loves people and belly rubs!! 

She is a busy sprite who would love an active family who can give her lots of attention. She loves cuddles on the couch and rolling in the snow and LOVE LOVE LOVES walks. She gets along well with other dogs and humans of all ages. She is leash trained, house trained and very well behaved. She loves to watch out to the window and talk with the world, she is great at letting you know someone is at the door or near the house. 

She is fully vetted and had a dental cleaning where she only had 1 tooth extracted! She is in great health, spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. She is very much looking for her FURever family

Apply today to meet this amazing girl! 

Age : 13 years old
Breed : american eskimo x
Weight : ~30 pounds

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Sherlock 18-005-D

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Inquire about adopting me

Adopt Sherlock! 


He is a very sweet boy who loves to be outside and with his people. He is a great indoor dog and is making himself comfortable. He is great with other dogs and would love to have a furry friend in his FURever home. He is great with people of all ages. He would love to have friends in his furever home as he loves to play in the backyard. He is very food motivated and eager to please working on his training.

He has been in NASAP care for several weeks working on making him feel safe and confident in the home. He has separation anxiety and would love to find a family who is home all day, either retired or works from home. He is very slowly working on crate training and we would love it if this can be continued and developed when he's adopted. 


He has a gentle disposition and very friendly and loving. He travels well in the car and enjoys going on adventures. He is very easy going and loves walks and exploring the neighbourhood. 

Apply for more information on him and to meet today! 

Age : 3 year old
Breed : collie x
Weight : 80 pounds

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Wicket 18-010-D

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Wicket is a very sweet boy who came to NASAP is very rough shape. He was very sick and dirty - his ears have severe infections so prologned that there was a signfiicant amount of scar tissue that had built up. This infection was caused by years of untreated ear infections and made him 90% deaf. 

We rushed him to the vet and they did immediate surgery on his right ear to remove a large mass. His ears were cleaned thoroughly and steriod injections were given to reduce the swelling. Since Thanksgiving weekend he has been on ear drops to help clean and reduce the infection in his ears. He is on a limited ingredient diet to reduce inflammation and prevent further ear infections. 

He had a second round of steriod injections on Oct 25th and we are still waiting for swelling to reduce further. He is also going to see a dermatology specialist in January to ensure he is in the best health possible. We dont want his ear infections to go untreated ever again. 


He is a super sweetheart and snuggle buddy! He LOVEs going for walks and walks great on a leash. He loves playing with his stuffed animals and playing gentle tug of war. His owl is his favourite and he snuggles up to it when he takes a break from play. He would love a family who is home majority of the time but he is also great being left on his own. He is completely house trained and has free run of his foster home without concern. He loves to play with other dogs and gets along well with dogs of all sizes. He does like to hump occassionally and his foster family is working on training. 

He is very healthy despite his ears, he is microchipped, vaccinated and neutered. 

If you could be his FURever home, apply below 

Age : 5 year
Breed : pug x
Weight : 32 pounds

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