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Loki 21-004-D

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Hey I’m Loki! 

My foster mom says that “Low-key” suits me, as I am a bit aloof. Don’t get me wrong though, once I get a chance to stretch my legs I can run and jump like a puppy. I suppose that means I have a diverse personality. I spend most of my time sleeping on my dog bed, waiting for my foster mom to take a “walk break” from her home office. Once she has time we either head to the off leash area, my recall is amazing. Or we do walks around the neighbourhood. I am working on my meeting other dogs on our walks, I can be a bit vocal and bouncy. Smart and willing to please, are also words my foster mom uses for me.

I am learning about toys and treats. Each day at about 8:00pm I get a burst of energy. So my foster mom brings out the toys! I don’t always bring back the toy, but I really look like I am enjoying myself.

Loki is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and ready to meet his forever family. 

He did come to NASAP with a mild ear infection, but he does amazing with ear cleaning. He has long floppy ears so he may have ear infections in the future too, but he is great with ear cleaning and ear washes. 

If you would like a dog that is calm and funny but when he chooses you to be “his person”, give tons of affection. Then me, Loki I’m your boy.

Age : 3 years old
Breed : collie x

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Sarge 19-001-D

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Inquire about adopting me

Meet MR. HANDSOME!  Well that should have been my name…don’t you think?

My real name is Sarge 

I have been with NASAP since January 2019 and I have been through a lot! I had a foster home for over a year but unfortunately it was not the right fit for me. So I have been back at Glenpark Pet Hotel since May 2021! 


Sarge is very sweet once you get to know him and he gets to know you. Unfortunately Sarge has been let down time and time again and he has so many people coming and going in his life, it takes a while for him to trust you. With patience, persistence and training he will learn again. 


Sarge is a high anxiety dog but not a high energy. He will have his moments of playing fetch or running fast but they are few, he is better with short positive walks and brain training. Majority of the time he will supervise you in the kitchen, lay beside you while you watch tv, sit with you while you are outside. He has a team of trainers eager to work with you and him to get him back on track. 


He requires a home without any cats or dogs. He is not socialized and becomes very highly excitable and difficult to distract. With time and training he will be able to interact with dogs one day, but currently he is social distancing haha 

He is still able to go for walks and be in public areas. He frequently goes for adventures around Leduc and Edmonton but we distance from other dogs as he becomes reactive. We are working on impulse control training. 


He wants a family of his own and someone who understands him. He needs compassion and patience to learn the ropes and expectations. He needs someone willing to learn his body language and communications. 


Physically Sarge is healthy. He was diagnosed with hip dysplasia in 2019, he is managed on Joint speciality food and Metacam. We are diligently watching for signs of arthritis. He is on sertraline twice a day for anxiety and to help with training.


Sarge needs your help. Sarge needs a home 



Apply today 



 Naturally Fluent Animal Training has been helping Sarge while in the Kennel and will help with him as he transitions to a home.



Diamond in the Ruff has been working with Sarge and his foster family on all his training needs, Any foster to adopt with work with their amazing team to get Sarge settled.

K9misfits have helped a lot, fostering him from October 2019  to February 2020. Check them out at


We also want to give a huge Thank you to Doglandia for all of their help and giving Sarge an amazing space to burn off energy and play with his foster families. Their private off leash dog park area is great for him!!


A great big thank you to Glenpark Pet Hotel & Suites who have taken amazing care of Sarge while he was in need of a foster home February 2019 to October 2019 and now since May 2021!  Check them out at for all of your boarding needs! 


Any support you can provide is amazing - Sarges boarding has been very expensive and we are happily keeping him comfortable and appropriately cared for but any donation $20 or more is eligible for a tax receipt and greatly appreciated 

e-Transfers can be sent to 


Thank you!! 

Age : ~DOB Jan 1, 2018
Breed : rotweiller lab x
Weight : 90 pounds

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