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Miss Gremlin 15-005-D

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Hello this is Miss Gremlin,  she's a sweetheart :)


She has lots of energy and needs an active family. Because of her energy level she needs a home with NO CHILDREN.  She has very high anxiety around small children and her reactivity and dominance make her unpredictable at times. She needs a family capable of redirecting and continuing her training. She is very smart and eager to please. 

She is very treat motivated however she has a very sensitive stomach and significant food allergies. She requires a hypoallergenic diet and probiotics daily which work very well! She takes stilbesterol twice a week to prevent urinary leakage due to low estorgen levels and has had no further issues. She had a full consultation and work up with an internalist and everything was found to be normal and healthy!

Since coming to NASAP in February 2015 she has developed beautifully. She has become calmer, more trusting and a great listener. These characterists will happen in her new home, however they take time to build and develop. She has recieved puppy training and many hours of individual training. She continually works on her training. She knows her basic commands and walks well on the leash. She is constantly working on her socialization skills with other dogs and still requires more time to work on this skill. For this we recommend no other dogs in the home. She gets along very well with her 'sister' Willow the resident foster home dog which took time and patience. And with time and redirection she has made a few friends. On walks she is intermittently dog and kid reactive and requires redirection. 

She is great with the resident cat - respectful while still being curious. 


She loves car rides, playing in the pool, long walks and running as fast as she can. She loves squeaky toys and tug of war is her favourite game. 

She is house trained, microchipped, vaccinated and spayed. She comes with her own crate that she uses as her cave and the door is never closed. 

Shes very excited to meet you! 

Age : 5 years old
Breed : rottie x
Weight : approx 60 lbs

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Gator 17-009-D

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***Gator is not available for adoption. She is in a "forever foster home" as unfortunately, she continues to struggle with ongoing medical concerns. Please consider donating to her care, as we rely solely on donations to help dogs like her live their best lives!***  

Gator is a freelance bulldog (half English, half French). How can anyone say no to that face?! She is a total sweetheart that loves to be as close as possible to her people, she is pretty sure she is meant to be a lapdog, and she loves to give big bulldog kisses! Gator loves to play with everything and is a typical goofy puppy. Gator adores car rides! She will get comfy and fall asleep almost instantly. 
Unfortunately, Gator came to us in rough shape. When she came to us, she wasn't using her rear leg and it was significatly atrophied. We didn't know why, but we knew we had to help right away, as these types of problems in bulldogs can cause lifelong problems if not cared for. We rushed her into the specialists and she underwent surgery on May 5. Unfortunately, as of October 2017 she has not made the recovery we would have liked to see, and continues to be under the treatment of specialists to determine how to give her the best quality of life and determine if there is anything further we can do. 
Unfortunately, while in care Gator has also developed some bladder and/or kidney concerns that are currently under investigation as well. Due to her ongoing medical concerns, she is not currently available for adoption, but is in her "forever foster home" who loves her very much and takes excellent care of her. We desperately need donations from the public to help us care for Gator, as she has been a long term and very complicated dog. 
Please consider donating to Gator's care, every little bit helps! Stepping in to help these dogs is very costly for rescue organizations, but we believe in second chances. Can you help us make one happen for Gator?

Donate here:

Age : 1 year
Breed : Freelance Bulldog
Weight : ~30lbs

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