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Inquire about adopting me

Hello I’m Madge! She is a very sweet lady looking for a family. She came to us from a partner pound and has settled immediately into foster care. She has a very calm energy. Gets along great with low key dogs. She is 7 years old. She has a great appetite and loves going on walks and needs two walks a day to get her weight down. She is a relaxed walker and stays close by. She enjoys the couch overnight and her new Costco couch. A complete laid back Sweetie! Great companion for an awesome family

Age : 7 years old
Breed : Collie x

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Inquire about adopting me

Meet MR. HANDSOME!  Well that should have been my name…don’t you think?

My real name is Sarge 

I bet some of you think you have seen me before…WRONG…well OK maybe you have but I am a mere shadow of my previous self.

I have been with my foster family for a year now.  WOW…have I come a long way!!

What do you want to hear about first…my great things…or about the things I am working on?

Let’s start with GREAT:  I am pretty chill; happy to just laze around the house; I can sleep in as much as you can ☺; I like my own soft beds around the house (although if you invite me up on yours I will join you & stretch out & enjoy that comfort if you lay there with me);

I am a FANTASTIC walker on my collar & leash (my leash is pretty long…about 25’) but I do not pull (well maybe sometimes if I see a squirrel crossing my path); I don’t destroy things (I have the free run of the house); I love to have toys & it is great if they talk back to me (I got a stuffed Duck that quacks for Christmas which I run to get whenever I come in from a walk…yes he still quacks just like when I got him).  I am happy to play with them by myself but I also like to tease the humans with them too and see if they will play. I sleep through the night RARELY moving from the spot I was in when my peeps go to bed. I like to cook (ok I just like to be in the kitchen and watch the cooks…you know in case something might need to be cleaned up off the floor). I don’t normally bark unless a visitor shows up or I see something of interest out on the road…even still nothing crazy. I do love people and like to meet everyone…so far I haven’t met anyone I haven’t liked!  I know many basic commands, sit, stay, down, off, leave it, come and because I LOVE LOVE LOVE food I will perform my commands very happily for a morsel of something good.  I of course am totally house trained…I do not feel the need to mark everything outside and I am very particular about trudging into the bush to do my business (you’re welcome ☺).  I do have my favorite human (my foster Dad) but my foster Mom is pretty OK too.  I have a bed right beside my foster Dad’s chair and that is my preferred spot as he can easily reach over & touch me. I don’t always need to be touched but sometimes I really let you know I need some lovin’.  I think I am a pretty good boy most of the time and behave like a normal dog does who is in a dog loving home! Hope I haven’t bragged too much here! 

OH WAIT…I forgot to say something…I am SUPER SMART and quick to train (for good treats of course)

Things I am working on are wearing a muzzle, getting my paws handled & nails clipped. I am also working on seeing and meeting other dogs. I haven’t had a lot of opportunities to meet other dogs one on one…I get pretty excited but we think it is just over anxious and I am not sure how to greet properly. I have played with another dog when I stayed at a kennel not too long ago but in this area I am a work in progress. I am learning to use a scratch board (hardly took anytime at all to get the hang of that). 


We think that I might have some arthritis pain so we are currently trying to see about getting me some relief for that.  At this point in my life I am probably best as the only household pet. I definitely like people but have not been around young kids and with my size maybe they might not be best.  I have been pretty lucky to have people around A LOT of the day so haven’t been on my own for too long very much but when I have been left I just watch them leave and then just go lay down & wait for them to come back.

Anyways…for those who made it all the way down here…thank you for taking the time to read about me.  I really am a very nice boy.  You should consider giving me a chance…we could have a great family life together.  I would like it if you are willing to keep up my training as I do like to learn and it helps me to remain calm.





Diamond in the Ruff has been working with Sarge and his foster family on all his training needs, Any foster to adopt with work with their amazing team to get Sarge settled.

K9misfits have helped a lot, fostering him from October 2019  to February 2020 when he had no other home and this team continues to help his foster family. Check them out at

We also want to give a huge Thank you to Doglandia for all of their help and giving Sarge an amazing space to burn off energy and play with his foster family. Their private off leash dog park area is great for him!!

A great big thank you to Glenpark Pet Hotel & Suites who have taken amazing care of Sarge while he was in need of a foster home February 2019 to October 2019. Check them out at for all of your boarding needs! 


Sarge has been in foster care for over 2 YEARs!! Any support you can provide is amazing - Sarges boarding has been very expensive and we are happily keeping him comfortable and appropriately cared for but any donation $20 or more is eligible for a tax receipt and greatly appreciated

Age : ~DOB Jan 1, 2018
Breed : rotweiller lab x
Weight : 90 pounds

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