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missy (miska)

missy (miska) Image

#happytails for Missy (previosuly Miska) 

We are all settling in and getting used to each other. She has put on a couple of pounds and her hip bones are no longer so prominent. We go to a local off-leash dog park on the weekend when the weather is nice. She loves running around with the other dogs.
She does continue to bark a lot at other dogs on her walks but she does love going on walks. She is just so excited to meet other dogs.
She is learning how to walk better on the leash.


Pierogi Image

#happytails for Pierogi

He is doing amazing in his Furever home and being so loved! we love hearing updates and seeing how amazing his life is #nasapalumni
Thank you for adopting! Thank you for fostering! Thank you for your support! #nasaprescue

Pierogi is doing very well. He is still a bit jumpy, but settling into the home nicely. He follows his older fur brother everywhere and loves his belly rubbed. He has grown considerably in the time I’ve had him.


Cheeto Image


Cheeto, aka Cheeto Burrito, aka Sweetie Cheetie, aka Cheeto Mosquito (my mom's endearing name in calling him a pest - hahaha), has done very well with learning his manners, and thru his siblings, has learned to "sit like a good boy" when it is feeding time. My boys have been taught at a young age to not mill around someone's feet at feeding time, and that sitting and patiently waiting is the best way to ensure no mishaps at feeding time. it is so funny, they all sit in their spots, with Cheeto being in the middle - every time - after all, I guess age wise, he is the middle child! He also also learned that when he is finished eating, and the others haven't, he has to keep his distance and let them finish their meal. It is only when one walks away that Cheeto is invited to enjoy the rest of their dinner - 80% of the time he shows restraint, but sometimes the urge is too great and food smells so nummy that he can't help himself!

He has gotten adjusted to the cage (version of a catio) on the balcony and appears to feel quite safe - loving the air. It is a safe spot for my youngest four legged babies to get fresh air without the worry of them being on the balcony alone and potentially doing what kitties do best - jump. I will not take the chance that one of them jump up on the balcony railing and go over - the cage is my way of keeping them safe and I have since "doctored" it to ensure Cheeto - the great climber - can no longer climb the outside of the cage instead of going in it.

I am also starting to harness train Cheeto. Charly has been trained since a small kitten and he regularly goes for walks when the weather turns nice. I am hoping I can do the same with Cheeto, to give him that bit of freedom, but we will see how he does, especially once I get him on the ground. If there are any struggles (Cheeto or I), then he will be a supervised harnessed/leashed cat on the balcony.

Cheeto is a very healthy, big boy! He is loving and his coos and purrs send me to the moon. He purrs when I pet him, he purrs when I pick him up, he purrs when he gets his Churo treat in the evening - he follows me everywhere and he loves napping close to me. I guess he and I bonded, which is a good thing. He was never intended to "replace" my other little boy, but he has filled my heart and taken away the sadness I carried for months after losing Charly's brother. He has brought such joy to our household and lifted the grief for my other boys and the humans too! 

We are so blessed to have Cheeto - I can't imagine life without him!



Sprite  Image

We got the most amazing update about Sprite who was adopted in 2016!! 

Turns out her owner passed away and she made her way to a new owner who loves her more then words and gave this update 

“Hi I have a pup that you rescued in 2016 and wanted you to know she is doing so well and is such a beautiful and loving girl. I rescued her from the original couple that got “Sprite” from you, when that owner passed away.
Her name became Spirit and we are a bonded pair now and she is healthy and thriving. I have had her going on 5 years now!
I just wanted you to have a happy story today and to express my gratitude. 
I just wanted to let you know she is so loved. <3”

We love hearing about our alumni and seeing their wonderful lives! Our hearts are full  


Cleo Image

Happy Tails update on Cleo
Hey Cleo is doing wonderful with me. I got her a bed from Petsmart and so many toys. She is having a great life and I am so happy I was able to adopt her!
Thank you for checking in and keeping us updated Cleo. We love to hear about our adopted animals #nasapalumni


ROCCO  Image

Rocco has adapted nicely in our home. We continue working with basic  commands, as we find his recall lacking if we are out of a fenced yard and off leash. Eventually we will get it but we are progressing. We haven't had any issues other then a typical puppy chewing on everything he gets his mouth on. He is happy and healthy. We are trying to figure out what he might be as we know he's a mix breed. We are thinking pitbull with greyhound and/or great dane. His legs just sprouted underneath him and he's as big as our other dog already, just not filled out yet. And still growing! Super sweet, very submissive to other dogs. Wants so badly to love our cats, who want nothing to do with him. The one cat that did love on him passed away 2 months ago, so it was a bit for him to move forward with that loss. We go to my parents farm multiple times a week, where we can let him run off leash and play as our pastures are fenced in with page wire. Thank you again for allowing us to adopt Rocco.


Salem  Image

Salem has adjusted so well! We recently lost our dog due to old age but they were best buddies until the end. He's such a loved member of our family. We have no issues.
Here are some pictures I've managed to get! 

Calliope and Apollo

Calliope and Apollo Image

Happy tails for Calliope and Apollo! They are doing amazing in their #fureverhome 
They love each other and are having an amazing life getting spoiled. We are so grateful 

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