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Toulouse Image

Toulouse is very well adjusted to his new home.  We have two other adult Male cats, so he was understandably a bit scared the first day but quickly made friends. He regularly play wrestles and cuddles up with them. 

He's incredibly smart - he plays fetch (untaught he just naturally does it) and he has responded extremely well to clicker training.  He knows sit, shake a paw, high five, spin, and will jump through a hoop. He is harness trained and right now we are working on come and heel while leashed. 

He a very confident and playful kitty. We all absolutely adore him. He even knows a few tricks! 

Very grateful to your organization for what you do! I think fostering is fantastic and really helps animals get the best start in life.

Watson now Rufus

Watson now Rufus  Image

#happytails for Watson

Rufus (formerly Watson) is doing great! He is a wonderful companion. He loves to snuggle and go for walks and he is best buddies with my husband and my shadow. I am so lucky to spend my days with him while I work from home. He is a very good, kind, sweet boy. His separation anxiety is pretty much non existent! He is great when we have to leave and so happy when we come back. He is a treasured family member and we are so thrilled he is ours. We love him so much. I hope his brother, Sherlock gets adopted soon. If he is half as good as Rufus he will make a wonderful pet and I am sure he is! We are so grateful to NASAP for bringing this wonderful boy into our lives.

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Layla now Pickle

Layla now Pickle  Image

#happytails for Layla

Layla is doing great! She is now named Pickle and is loved very much . Pickle has brought so much love into our home and is such a ball of energy . She adapted very fast to us and loves to cuddle. We can’t believe how fast she is growing . Her vet check up went well and everything was great

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Mister Image

#happytails for Mister After fostering Mister for 18 months I realized I couldn't imagine him not being part of the kitty herd. He has gets along great with Robin and not at all with Katie (but she's a princess), my other two NASAP kitties. His need for being outside (when weather good only) and my living situation makes for a perfect match and makes him very very happy. He just wants to be "out" and close to his people.

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Belle Image

#happytails for Belle She is a very happy kitty! She loves lots of cuddles with her family! She is very playful and curious! She needed us, but it is very apparent that we needed her too!

#thankyou #loved #fureverhome #adopted

Casey now Oliver

Casey now Oliver  Image

#happytails for Casey now Oliver We are all really loving our new kitty, Oliver. He gets plenty of love and attention. He’s a very sweet guy and enjoys our Goldendoodles, Sola, too. #happyfamily #thankyou #bestbuds #fureverhome #loved


Lumyia  Image

#happytails for Lumyia She’s doing great! She adjusted really quickly and is very happy and cuddly. (She’s the fluffy one with white paws in the pictures) We’ve also got Violet (she was in the same foster home as Lumi but my mom filled out her paperwork so I didn’t get an email for her). She’s also doing great. She was initially more reserved but she’s decided she likes us and is quite friendly and cuddly now. #thankyou #loved #friends #adopted #fureverhome


Scarlett  Image

Scarlet is doing AWESOME! 

We were initially concerned about the dogs accepting her into the family.....Not only did she fit in, she’s the queen of the house!