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Phantom Image

Phantom is doing great!! He's adjusted very well and has his own schedule that he does everyday.

He loves playing with his fuzzy mice toys and laser pointer... He loves chasing the kids around he house as well. His favorite room to play in is the bathroom... No one is safe in the shower/bath anymore... And his favorite place to sit is on someone's shoulder where he can see everything and snuggle.

We truly adore him!! Thank you for allowing us to bring him into our family!!!


Brady Image


Brady is doing well. He was on the food for stomach issues when we got him, but he seemed to be starving... He was unable to eat the larger chunks of food, with his overbite and didn't like the canned food. We switched Brady to our normal cat food and he is much better. Of course, he tends to overeat, as he was very hungry once. He gets along well with my other cat, for the most part. They play together and fight sometimes. I think he has adapted well.

Froggy (now Ron)

Froggy (now Ron) Image

Hello NASAP,

He is adjusting so well and love our place!  He completed all the necessary shots and the vet said that he is healthy.  He is quite an active indoor cat and loves to play hide and seek. He loves the cat condo that we bought for him. What we also love about him is he watch tv like a human. Everything is doing so well with him so far.  By the way, we changed his name when we got him. His new name is Ron from (Ronald Weasley-HP).

Thanks so much!

Fairy Grace

Linda (now Nina)

Linda (now Nina) Image


Linda is now called Nina and is doing very well.  I had corresponded with Nina's foster mom a few times over our first month to let her know Nina was settling in.

Nina was very shy at first but has now made herself right at home.  She and our other cat Ariel are getting along pretty well, even playing together now and again.  Nina is very affectionate and her two favourite spots are my husband's lap and one of the heat vents.  There are no issues with her.  We are very glad we adopted Nina and hope she will be happy with us too




Sky Image

Hi NASAP - thanks for the great work you do. Just got Sky back from the vets this morning. She is doing fine. Quite able to hold her own against our older cat.

Dice (now Scrambles) and Loki (now Butters)

Dice (now Scrambles) and Loki (now Butters) Image

Loki (now known as Butters) has adjusted wonderfully to our home. He is a very active cat and gets lots of play time with his pal Scrambles (also a former NASAP kitty). He has learned how to sit and stand for his morning treat. He also is the first cat I have seen who plays fetch with his ball!We have a 1 year old nephew and 2 1/2 year old niece who adore him, and he loves their attention. We have had no issues with him other than he enjoys knocking over cups filled with water. Butters has helped our other cat Scrambles become more playful and outgoing, and they often finish their play time with a snuggle session. My fiance and I are thrilled with him as a pet and companion.

Speckles (now Holly) and Sprinkles (now Mels)

Speckles (now Holly) and Sprinkles (now Mels) Image

The kittens are doing well. We did change their names. Speckles is now Holly and Sprinkles is now Mels. They seem to be happy and like to be where their humans are. They have two speeds, full out play and nap. Our Christmas tree suffered a few shake downs until there were enough presents to fill up the floor underneath. Now I have some boxes underneath and this seems to work as well. I’ve attached a picture of them sleeping (they like to sleep together or on a lap). Happy New Year!



Mimi Image

Mimi has adjusted wonderfully to her new home; she likes to play with her cat toys and loves being with our five year old daughter.

We have not had any issues with Mimi; she is a loving and energetic kitten.

Please find attached a picture of Mimi; we were able to get her to hold still for a short time for this lovely picture.

Thanks again and all the best with continuing to find good quality homes for your other foster pets.

Kristin and Sylvain