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Sonic (formerly Sailor) 00-987-D

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It is with great sadness that I write to let you know that Sonic, formerly Sailor, passed away February 1, 2016.

We adopted Sonic from NASAP almost 10 years ago and it was the best decision we ever made. Sonic was a wonderful, gentle dog and even passed his therapy dog training. He helped me and my five children through many tough times and was rewarded with many treats and much love. Sonic never had a bad day and was loved by everyone who met him. He was friendly with every dog and human he met and was my constant companion on long drives and short visits.

Thank you everyone at NASAP for introducing me to my best friend.


Breed : unknown

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Ebony 15-047-C

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I have some sad news to pass on. Ebony had to put down last night. We found out she had FIP just under a week ago and she regressed very quickly. She seemed very happy and healthy before the breathing issue started. She was loving our home and playing lots. We loved being able to give her a loving home and miss her very much. I wanted to let you know because you helped her through so much.


Age : 4 months
Breed : DSH black

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Brandy 14-043-D

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It is with great sadness, that we found out Brandy left this world earlier this December 2015. She was a well loved and amazing girl. She was known as 'princess' in her home for the last year after leaving NASAP. However, after injuring her back leg this fall, she was never the same and her family was very sad to loose her this December 2015. She was loved and spoiled and will be greatly missed by NASAP and her family. Her family fondly remembers her as a loving, fun loving, and amazing dog.

Thank you for providing such an amazing life and family for Brandy! 

Age : 11 years
Breed : Labrador retriever

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Spot 15-999-D

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We called this guy "Signor", jokingly a nicer form of "Senior". Sr was a sweet, old dog who must've seen some tough times! Picture 2 shows what was his 2nd favourite activity in life namely "sleeping" - the first was eating. He ate 3 full meals a day plus treats at bedtime and never gained weight. He enjoyed taking his pills in the yummy pill pockets.  Because he was missing many of his teeth we mixed the dog food with warm water to make it mushy for him.  His vision was very poor, the vet said he likely saw only shadows and he did run into things when he first came home. He became used to his surroundings.  He was also very deaf and we clapped loudly (or tapped him on the shoulder) if we needed his attention. We tried to brush him daily as he shedded so much but he genuinely disliked this. He greatly preferred to be vacuumed - since he was so deaf, it didn't bother him at all! His tired and crooked back legs were quite bent but he enjoyed going for slow, short walks. After a good night's sleep, Sr was quite peppy for a short time. He followed the other dogs out and hopped off our low deck (he had some problems with steps). The energy didn't last long - it was followed by breakfast, then a nap. He never did quite figure out how to tell us he needed to go out so we established a little toileting routine for him with good results (i.e., we became well trained)! Sr became used to us and enjoyed a little petting and cuddling - he even wagged his tail at times!  He tolerated the cats but obviously didn't like them much as he would give off a funny honk-like bark if they became too affectionate towards him. Sr was an important part of our pack and we humans, the dogs and even the cats lovingly acknowledged his place in the family!

NASAP sincerely thanks Sr. Spot's foster mom Chris Wright for all the love she provided to him during his time in permanent care with NASAP.

Age : >10 years
Breed : Terrier X

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Cedar (formerly Nelson) 15-999-C

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I am very very heartbroken to report the loss of my very beloved Cedar Cat. He was formerly Nelson and was adopted July 25 2008. He was very ill when he was found and was nursed mostly back to health. He suffered from Chronic Sinusitis that had always been managable. I never met such a loving and grateful cat. He was the best cuddler anyone could have and constantly gave you face rubs. He could walk among hundreds of dogs in Pets In The Park and not bat an eye. Pneumonia and diabletes took my boy too soon and even though I have other kitties, there remains such a big hole without his exceptional spirit. I miss having him cuddling next to me every night and purring. The loss is still so fresh (he died October 24) and I am so empty without him. I would like to make some type of donation in this amazing boy's honour. He is the cat in my avatar. Cedar, I will NEVER forget you. NASAP, thank you for 7 too short years with this boy.

Breed : DSH orange tabby

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