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Bear 13-036-CD

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At nine years of age, Bear came into NASAP care with his best friend, Daisy, who was five at the time.  Although Bear and Daisy were pretty uncertain about people for a long time, lots of consistent love at their foster home started to chip away at their fears, and over time, these two beautiful souls finally began to trust.  As fate would have it, their foster home turned into their permanent care home, which meant they would never have to go anywhere else – both kitties and foster mom were overjoyed!  Bear spent many happy years looking after Daisy…playing, exploring, and most especially napping with her.  When Daisy had to leave us too soon due to an inoperable malignant tumor, Bear grieved alongside their mom, and then took on the big responsibility of being an Only Kitty.  Soon enough, his warmth, affection, and huge heart filled the whole house with love once again.  Two loving years passed, and then, just before his 16th birthday, a new NASAP kitty, Ava, joined the family.  Knowing now that his mom would be left in good hands (paws), Bear then said goodbye and went to be with his darling Daisy once again.  Thank you, NASAP, for doing what you do – our lives have been touched beyond measure because of your work.   

Age : >15 years
Breed : DSH orange tabby

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Daisy 13-036-CA

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At 5 years old, Daisy came into NASAP care with her lifelong buddy, Bear, who had been in her life since she was 2 months old.  Both were really untrusting for a very long time at their foster mom’s home, but with lots of love and consistency, they started to settle in.  As fate would have it, their foster home eventually turned into their permanent care home, which meant that they would never have to go anywhere else.  Everyone was sooo happy, and Daisy spent years perfecting her routines of soaking up the morning sun, napping on available bellies and chests, and generally being adorable.  She became the princess of the house and she knew it; she spent another 5 happy years with Bear in this way.  On February 25, 2014, Daisy was euthanized after a cancerous tumor was discovered to have spread to an inoperable area of her throat.  She is survived by Bear, now 14, who is sad but knows that he protected her, played with her, and just all-out loved her for all of her years on earth, and that is all you can do.  Thank you NASAP, for all your care for our Daisy, who touched our hearts in ways that will live on.

NASAP sincerely thanks Amanda for providing superb care for Daisy over the last five years and for going above and beyond to try to save her following this difficult diagnosis.

Age : 10 years
Breed : DMH brown tabby with white

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Molly 16-000-D

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It is with great sadness to say that our sweet Molly passed away Friday March 11.  Molly was in permanent care and we fostered her for 5 years. She was the sweetest, funniest dog ever. She always had a toy in her mouth when she met you at the door. She brought so much joy to our family. She will be deeply missed by me, my children and her best friend Ozzy. We are so grateful for having Molly in our lives.

Age : >10 years
Breed : Yorkie

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Sonic (formerly Sailor) 00-987-D

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It is with great sadness that I write to let you know that Sonic, formerly Sailor, passed away February 1, 2016.

We adopted Sonic from NASAP almost 10 years ago and it was the best decision we ever made. Sonic was a wonderful, gentle dog and even passed his therapy dog training. He helped me and my five children through many tough times and was rewarded with many treats and much love. Sonic never had a bad day and was loved by everyone who met him. He was friendly with every dog and human he met and was my constant companion on long drives and short visits.

Thank you everyone at NASAP for introducing me to my best friend.


Breed : unknown

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Ebony 15-047-C

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I have some sad news to pass on. Ebony had to put down last night. We found out she had FIP just under a week ago and she regressed very quickly. She seemed very happy and healthy before the breathing issue started. She was loving our home and playing lots. We loved being able to give her a loving home and miss her very much. I wanted to let you know because you helped her through so much.


Age : 4 months
Breed : DSH black

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