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Benji 09-079-DX

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Dear NASAP team,
our hearts are broken as we let you know that our beloved Benji died on October 15, 2018, at the age of 10, after a sudden and unexpected outbreak of very aggressive Multicentric Lymphoma. We had to put him to sleep so that he would not suffer any longer. We miss him terribly and treasure the time we had with him over the 9 Years. It seems just like yesterday, that we adopted him from NASAP in July 2009. We lived in Beaumont back then but moved on an Acreages in 2011, where he and his sister Maggie could enjoy the life to the fullest. Thank You NASAP for bringing this precious boy to our lives. 

Breed : bichon shih tzu cross

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Maggie 04-000-X

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#inlovingmemory From her family “I just wanted to let you know that our old dog Maggie, passed away peacefully at the vets this morning at the age of 14 years and seven months. We got her from you in 2004, and she has always been a good dog. She was in fairly good health until she collapsed this morning. I took this picture just a few weeks ago of her sleeping peacefully in the shallow hole she dug in our yard, under her favorite tree. She had come from the reserve at the Paul Band. We adopted her in 2004, and then moved here to Medicine Hat the following year. Always a good girl.” Thank you for giving her such a loving home for the last 14 years ❤️

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Breed : unknown

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Buddy 16-001-OX

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After 15 months in NASAP care buddy passed away on February 9, 2018, quickly and suddenly with his foster dad at his side! He was 6 years old and had a great life, thank you to all of our supporters that helped towards his care! 

Buddy came into NASAP's care in 2016, when his owner moved and unfortunately could no longer care for him. He loved to roam around but also loved to snuggle and have scratches to his head and chin. He was easy to care for and enjoyed his hay and greens, with his favourite treat being a carrot. He was a very sweet and quiet boy. Because of his advanced age and some medical issues, Buddy remained in permanent care with NASAP.

Age : 6 years old
Breed : guinee pig

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Maude 13-073-C

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Wanted to share we lost Maude on October 17, 2018. Thanks to NASAP,  Maude our tiny toothless big-hearted senior cat entered our lives and became everybody's sweetheart with her loving demeanour for the last four years of her life.

She was such a loss. So much personality in such a little frame. We miss and greatly loved our mini mighty Maude.


Age : >14 years
Breed : DMH brown tabby

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Petula 07-193-CA

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In Loving Memory of Petula

I adopted Petula on January 30, 2008, and I am very sad to let you know that she passed away on August 9, 2017.  She was only about 10 years old, but sadly she developed cancer and went downhill very quickly.

Petula had a rough start to life as a homeless and sick kitten.  I am very thankful that NASAP found her, nursed her back to health, and gave her another chance.  Over the years, she blossomed into a spunky and talkative cat, full of personality.  She was always happy, and she had different meows and grunts to let everyone know what she was thinking.  She would do funny things like "hide" under the bed, where only her head was actually under the bed.  She also loved carrying her toys around and dropping them at my feet to let me know it was time to play.  Throughout her life she remained a petite cat, at less than 6 pounds.  But she never let that slow her down.  She would follow her friend Mia (a tabby cat) around and tried to jump up to all the places that Mia would jump.  We lost Mia in 2016, and Petula took that very hard.  I like to think that Petula and Mia are now playing together again.  I am grateful to have spent nearly 10 years with Petula.  She is a very special cat, and she is greatly missed.


Age : 10 years
Breed : DSH black and white

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