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Riley 13-999-D

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We have had a very sad end to our weekend with the news of Riley's passing on Saturday. 15.5 year old Riley had been a permanent care foster dog with us for a couple of years before being adopted by his foster family who loved and cared for him so wonderfully. We are ever so grateful to them for giving this sweet old boy the best retirement he could ever dream of. Our hearts go out to them and to wee Sadie, a former NASAP older girl, who adored Riley and misses him terribly. NASAP would like to thank Calgary Trail Vet Clinic for all their care and support of Riley over the last few years as well. RIP dear boy. You brought so much joy to so many people.

"It is with great sadness that I pass along the news that we had to let Riley go yesterday. Late Friday night he started having pain and was really uncomfortable. Through the night he lost the ability to walk and we rushed him to Calgary Trail Pet Hospital where he was euthanized. Riley had many, many lumps and one of those lumps under his armpit grew quickly and so large overnight that it cut off the connection to the nerve endings rendering him unable to stand let alone walk. He was in a lot of pain and the vet took one look at him and immediately agreed with us that it was time. The lump even continued to grow as we were there. The vet thought that maybe even it had ruptured and he was bleeding internally. Calgary Trail Pet Hospital showed us great compassion and kindness.

It was so very difficult to say good-bye to our Riley and even as I write this the tears are flowing freely and I imagine they will continue to for awhile. He was such an amazing boy....gentle, kind, smart and loving. We are truly grateful for the time we had with him and to NASAP for taking him in in the first place. Thank you for trusting us with his care as we fostered him and for giving us the privilege of adopting him. Riley was truly a gift to us in every way and we loved him so much. His passing leaves a hole in our hearts. Sadie is also confused and keeps looking for sad! We will all miss him so much!"

Age : 15.5 years
Breed : unknown

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Ozzie (aka Triton) 01-004-D

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RE: Ozzie Renzenbrink (aka Triton)

It is with deep sadness that we pass along the news of Ozzie's passing. He will be reunited with his mentor, Bugsy and his other dog friends in dog heaven.

Our lives forever changed when I decided to start a running program and wanted a dog to run with. Hank spotted him in a Northern Alberta Society for Animal Protection (NASAP) ad and said this might be the right one. We first spotted him in Pet Smart lying on the floor with his blue jacket on with a small child climbing all over him. Since we had our first grandson already, Hank thought perfect, I thought, yikes and Rottweiler/Sheppard cross..such a BIG DOG!

The joy he brought to our house was endless. His gentleness with the grandkids, the kindness in his big eyes, the unwavering loyalty endeared him to all of our neighbors and friends. His boundless energy for running, racing through the woods and chasing every rabbit and coyote and deer in the neighborhood was legendary. After one particular quick chase down the street after a jackrabbit had a neighbor commenting "He almost got him"!!

He logged more travel miles than most people and always loved going places with us. Long car rides, rides in the back of Hank truck with his ears flopping were all favorite activities. Plane rides to Palm Springs, long treks via car to Vancouver were all happy events in his life. Anywhere we went he was content to go.

His silly fear of being sprayed with water made morning walks interesting as we had to cross the street at the slightest sound of a sprinkler system turning on. His ability to just enjoy his space and the neighborhood made him a regular sight for neighbors in his later years, watching the street from his veranda.

I will never forget all the hours of running and walking I did every day with Ozzie. The gentle nudging of his nose on my elbow while working in the office to tell me it was time to step away from the computer and go for a walk. The weekend family walks that got both Hank and I out together to start the day and his attempts to herd us out of the closet faster so we could start the walk. The complete and total love he had for both of us helped make our family stronger.
His constant presence, the sheer joy he exhibited every time we came home made us know we were loved unconditionally each and every day.

Ozzie, we thank you for giving us such happiness and for your unwavering companionship and love, The house will seem quieter and we will expect to see you at every turn, however, we know you are in a good place. Running with your friends, the pain gone, every day a dog day for a dog that brought love, companionship and loyalty and amazing memories to his family!

We love you and will remember you always!

Thank you to NASAP and staff for the work they do and for saving this wonderful fellow. we had 11 wonderful years with our dear friend. To the foster parents who looked after him and allowed us to have him, thank you for all these memories!

Breed : unknown

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Koji 00-006-C

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Koji was a petite, tortoise-shell Persian kitty who we first fostered for NASAP back in 2004 before she was adopted. Due to unfortunate circumstances, after having her for 4 years, her adoptive family could not keep her any longer, and we adopted her from them in 2008. Koji was a very affectionate girl with people but got very stressed by other cats so she lived in our spare bedroom for most of the time she was with us. Sadly, she recently developed a cancerous tumour in her mouth that was inoperable and we had her humanely euthanized on April 21st. We would like to offer our sincere thanks to Dr. Colleen Pratt and the other vets and staff at Calgary Trail Pet Hospital for their excellent, devoted care that they provided for Koji through the years while she was with us. Dr. Pratt and her staff have provided thorough, compassionate veterinary care for many of the NASAP cats and dogs that we have fostered through the years and they deserve a special mention for all of their hard work with rescue animals.

Les and Faye

Breed : Torti x Persian

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Masi 01-008-DB

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On April 01, 2008 I adopted Masi from NASAP. At the time of adoption, Masi was a 6 year old male Shih Tzu. Masi was the best dog I ever had and unfortunally he passed away on February 11, 2014 at 12 years of age.

Age : 12 Years
Breed : Shih Tzu

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Kiara 13-076-C

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Kiara was part of a litter of 4 that was rescued from outside by a kind gentleman. Her motto was play play play. She loved all toys especially her wand. She had lots of energy and would play with her siblings for hours. She loved getting brushed and picking on her brother Simba. She liked to sleep in her foster mom's bed and purr and purr when she would get rubbed. Unfortunately Kiara passed away for unknown and completely unpredicatable reasons during her routine spay. Our partner vets worked on her diligently to try to bring her back but she could not be revived. We are very sorry that we could not help Kiara find the forever home she deserved. We sincerely thank her foster mom (Rachael) for all the loving care she gave the entire litter while they have been with NASAP.

Age : 6 months
Breed : DMH brown tabby with white

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