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Ozzy is a super sweet boy. He is fully grown and mature adult. He loves to cuddle and lay outside in the sun or play in the snow. 

Ozzy came back to NASAP after being adopted in 2014, unfortunately the babies in the home made him very nervous and they were too eager to play with him. So in order to give him a less stressful life and more attention he came back to NASAP. He is loving foster care. He lounges on the couch or in his kennel while his foster mom works. He gets extra treats and lots of walks. He is very well mannered, house trained and loves everyone. 

He has met a few dogs on walks and always wants to play. He would do well with the playmate or on his own. 

He is good with kids who are old enough to respect boundaries and are predictable. Calmer kids or grown kids are awesome. He has met several on walks and loves them but he came to NASAP because babies are loud and unpredicatable and he was to anxious around them not enjoying life. 

Ozzy is getting follow up with our Vet to make sure he is in healthy so we will keep you posted. He is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and ready to meet you! 


Age : 8 years old
Breed : Shepard akita x

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