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Inquire about adopting me

Hi! My name is Beatrice! My mom and I are looking for a forever home together. My mom was a baby herself, being only 8-10 months old when I was born! Now that I'm big enough to play with her, we are more like sisters. We love to play and rough house together and she lets me steal her food. 

My siblings and I were born prematurely as a litter of four with low birth weights. Our mom was alone under a trailer for all but the final weeks of her pregnancy, so she wasn't able to nourish us properly when we were in her belly. Two of my siblings died (one at birth and one a few weeks later) and my sister Gemini and I have worked very hard to grow up strong. Other than my rough start, I am very happy and healthy. What good news! 

My favourite toys are tunnels, things I can chase, my mom's head, and things I can climb on. If I were a wild cat, I would live in the trees. It would mean a lot to me if my family had tall cat towers/trees, places for me to look out the window, and maybe even shelves and furniture they'll be okay with me climbing on. I am active and goofy. I don't cause trouble, but if my family doesn't have time for an active kitty, I might cause trouble because I'll be bored. Good thing my mom and I keep each other entertained! I am crate-trained and enjoy sleeping in my crate with my mom - it is our safe place so we are great on car rides and going to the vet. I am learning about leashes and enjoy exploring on a leash outside. I am also very snuggly and like to be close to you. If you can't find me, I will probably be napping in a laundry basket. Apply to adopt my mom and I today! We can't wait to meet you!

Age : 11 Weeks
Breed : DSH Grey Tabby

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