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On November 20, 2021, Beatrice crossed the rainbow bridge to join her brother, Noodle, and her sister, Maisie 🌈🌉
Beatrice was one of Penellaphe's four babies, born in early June of 2021. Beatrice was, like her siblings, born with a low birth weight and was likely premature. She turned out to be the strongest of the bunch, growing steadily and becoming a confident and competitive feeder. As she grew, she quickly became head of the house and was the "problem child" in all the best ways.
Beatrice lived with her mom Penellaphe, sister Gemini, and foster dad for a long time before she and Penellaphe moved in with a new foster family last month to be adopted as a bonded pair. Soon after moving, Bea's new foster family noticed a drastic change in her behaviour. Our once active and spunky Beatrice became uncharacteristically sleepy and wasn't enjoying her food as much. Beatrice was taken to the vet, where we found out that she was very unwell.
Beatrice contracted a common feline-only coronavirus (not related to the covid pandemic) known as Feline Enteric Coronavirus (FeCV). Usually, cats get over this virus with no significant long-standing issues. Unfortunately, Beatrice's condition turned into a fatal mutation called Feline Infectious Peritonitis or FIP for short. FIP is very rare in the cat community but extremely deadly. Because FIP is always fatal, Bea's 2 sets of foster parents and the NASAP team made the heartbreaking and compassionate decision to have her euthanized before it got any worse, as FIP tends to progress quickly. Because of this decision and the early diagnosis of FIP, Beatrice's life was happy and void of suffering 💕
One of Bea's favourite games was called "in and out." In this game, her foster dad would open any door and Beatrice would go in, and then would be asked to "get out." She loved to go inside closets, but liked going inside the refrigerator the most. She also loved to climb, chase, and snuggle. Beatrice also really enjoyed playing with the children she got to hang out with. From birth to death, Beatrice was a joy to be around. We are so fortunate that we got to know her.
Thank you, baby Bea, for everything you brought to our lives. You will be dearly missed by everybody in your NASAP family ❤️💛💙🐱

Age : 5 Months
Breed : DSH Grey Tabby

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