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What is delicious and goes "Meow"... a Bis-CAT! hehe. Hi my name is Biscuit and I'm a sweetie pie. I'm a bit of an older boy so I love curling up with my humans for a long nap or finding a perch to gaze out the window. I'm pretty easy going and will adjust well to most situations! I have met a few other cats in care and so far I've been alright with all of them. I'm pretty new to care so we don't know too much about me yet but I'm sure it will be good stuff we discover. After all, have you seen how cute I am? I'm not super into toys or food but I love getting pets and will sometimes sleep in bed with my humans. I'm also a big fan of small cat-housing that I can claim as my own! Interested to know more? Inquire to adopt me today! I'm sure you'll love me once you get to know me!

Age : DOB April 17, 2018
Breed : DSH Orange

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